Division of Lands and Minerals Contacts

Lands and Minerals Division Administration

St. Paul Office
500 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155-4045
phone 651-259-5959
fax 651-296-5939

Jess Richards, Director

Kathy Lewis, Assistant Director

Hibbing Office
1525 3rd Avenue East
Hibbing, MN 55746
phone 218-231-8484
fax 218-262-7328

Peter Clevenstine, Assistant Director

Note: For all Division publication requests, please contact by phone our St. Paul or Hibbing offices.

Appraisal Management Unit Supervisor
Cindy Nathan
1601 Minnesota Drive
Brainerd, MN 56401
Ph. 218-203-4408

Drill Core Library
To arrange for a time to visit the DNR Drill Core Library or for explorers who wish to deliver core to the Library please visit the DNR's Drill Core Library webpage

Exploration Drilling

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Minnesota Department Natural Resources (DNR) are both involved in regulations to protect the environment during exploration drilling. Listed below are links to the Minnesota Department of Health's (MDH) Well Management Section webpage, as well as, the DNR's nonferrous metallic mineral exploration regulations webpage.

Mineral Operations
Seeks technical and entrepreneurial innovation that will stimulate mineral development; builds state-private partnerships to further mineral development; demonstrates technical and economic feasibility of new mineral commodity production systems. Monitors mineral exploration and mining on state-owned lands. 

Jim Sellner, Manager
Hibbing Office
218-231-8470; fax 218-262-7328

Fiscal Management
Ann Rau, Business Manager
St. Paul Office
651-259-5415; fax 651-296-5939

Information Systems
Mike Jordan, Supervisor
St. Paul Office
651-259-5397; fax 651-296-5939

Lands & Minerals Land Acquisition and Legal Services
The Land Acquisition and Legal Services Section is responsible for handling and completing land acquisitions, land exchanges, land sales, and surface and mineral leases. We also have expertise in handling land and water crossing licenses and easements, as well as performing land and mineral ownership title work.

Susan Damon, Transaction Manager
St. Paul Office
651-259-5961 : fax 651-297-3517

Land Exchanges
Kate Giel, Program Coordinator 
St. Paul Office
651-259-5377; fax 651-297-3517

Land Acquisitions
Patricia Kandakai, Realty Supervisor
St. Paul Office
651-259-5398; fax 651-297-3517

Land Surveys
Steve Feesl, Supervisor
St. Paul Office
651-259-5387; fax 651-296-5939

Mineral Potential
Advise the DNR on managing the state's mineral estate in the best interest of the Permanent School Trust, University Trust, and Tax Forfeit Trust. Evaluates mineral potential of state lands including industrial minerals such as sand and gravel. Develops and compiles mineral resource information for distribution to the public and mineral exploration companies. Conducts and contracts innovative geologic field work to identify mineral potential areas. Monitors exploratory drilling on state and private lands. 

Dennis Martin, Manager
St. Paul Office
651-259-5405; fax 651-297-3517

Mine Permitting and Mineland Reclamation
Administers the state's metallic and peat mine permitting and mineland reclamation programs. Issues and manages water appropriation and public waters work permits for mining related activities.  Issues Permits to Mine that are needed before metallic mineral mining operations may start on any land, and before peat operations of greater than 40 acres may begin. Ensures permits include conditions to protect the environment, preserve natural resources, and to plan for future use of the land.  Inspects mining operations to ensure compliance with the permits. Monitors ongoing reclamation, water usage, and environmental protection activities. Conducts environmental research to better understand potential mining impacts and to evaluate new ways to reduce impacts.

Jennifer Engstrom, Manager
St. Paul Office
651-259-5385; fax 651-296-5939

Joe Henderson, Manager
St. Paul Office
651-259-5428; fax 651-297-3517

Regional Operations
Represents the Lands and Minerals as the point of contact in each region in directing, coordinating, and monitoring land transactions and mineral resource management efforts. For more information and a map of the regions, see the Regional Operations page.

Region 1 - Northwest Minnesota
Cheryl Kelley-Dobie
2115 Birchmont Beach Rd, NE
Bemidji, MN 56601
218-308-2627; fax 281-755-4066

Region 2 - Northeast Minnesota
Joe Rokala
1201 East Highway 2
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
218-328-8923; fax 218-327-4263

Region 3 - Central Minnesota
Joe Rokala
1200 Warner Road
St. Paul, MN 55106
218-328-8923; fax 218-327-4263

Region 4 - Southern Minnesota
Benjamin J. Schaefer
21371 State Hwy 15
New Ulm, MN 56073-5228
507-359-6054; fax 507-359-6018