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Lehmann Family Fund Collection of
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A generous gift from the Lehmann Family Fund has made historical mineral exploration data available and accessible to the public and to the industry. The donation honors the lifelong work of Ernie Lehmann, an internationally-renowned mineral explorer who was a pioneer in evaluating the mineral resource potential of Minnesota’s greenstone belts and Duluth Complex.

The Polaris Joint Venture (PJV) was a large-scale five year-long exploration campaign that targeted high-grade Copper-Zinc prospects in the greenstone belts of Northern Minnesota during the early 1980's. Ernest K. Lehmann & Associates (ELA), in partnership with Getty and Billiton, completed airborne and ground geophysical surveys, geologic mapping, geochemical sampling, and 50 drill holes within a 13,000 square mile study area that stretched roughly from Bemidji to Ely. This new data will accompany the drill core samples already deposited at the DNR's drill core library located in Hibbing, Minnesota.

Largely funded by private industry, historical mineral exploration records are the primary source of information about the buried, undiscovered, and undeveloped mineral deposits in the state. The records represent a significant investment of time, capital and human effort to discover and map the state's minerals.

In addition to mineral exploration, the use of the geoscience information contained in the records by state agency geologists will inform state land administration and groundwater planning decisions as well as university researchers to further discover the geologic history of the state.

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Here are scanned documents from the collection and a new DNR summary map that will provide context to the collection for first time visitors.
Overview map from 1982 (.pdf)
Project overview from 1986 (.pdf)
Chronology of project activities from 1986 (.pdf)
Exploration footprints map (DNR, 2017) (.pdf)

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Data updated in March 2017

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August 2016 Data Release

The Lands and Minerals Division's goal for this collection is to protect and preserve the original documents while making them readily accessible to the public via the internet. There are now approximately 20,000 individual pages available from this collection comprised of 2,056 documents. The documents include reports, maps, and raw data; nearly all have been scanned and are available online. Certain documents are only available to view at the Hibbing Lands and Minerals office due to logistical constraints of scanning very large and fragile documents or documents in unusual formats. The Lehmann Family Fund donated $10,000 to preserve and catalog these documents.

Users may search through the online documents by choosing from three tools that are available in the column on the right. There is a map that allows you to select a geographic location and find the associated documents; or use an excel spreadsheet to search through the documents; or use Geographic Information System to search the records.

In this latest data release, you will find: