Minnesota Fishing

Woods, water and field in Minnesota

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Let's go fishing!

Why wait until May 14 for the walleye season to open. Head out now for early season panfish.

Fishing boats on a lake opening morning

Fishing forecasts

Check out the 2016 fishing roundups for each of Minnesota's four regions.
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Angler fly fishing in stream

Open season

Watch spring come alive on one of Minnesota's many trout streams.
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A tub of large walleye netted in Mille Lacs Lake

Mille Lacs Lake walleye

The big lake gives up big fish to help fisheries biologists with walleye population research.
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Fish being properly released after being caught

A helping hand

Fish populations don't grow as fast as demand. Practice some natural recycling on your next trip.
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A northern pike

Zone defense

Too many small pike cause problems for perch and panfish. Three-zone management aims to fix that.
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A view of Minnesota's North Shore

Staying Superior

Efforts now are underway to adapt practices that protect Lake Superior's ecosystem and watershed.
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