Public Auction

Welcome to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Land Sale page.


The Dept of Natural Resources held an oral bid public auction at the Kittson County Courthouse, Hallock, on August 1.


Of 10 properties offered, seven parcels sold; one in Lake of the Woods County and the rest in Kittson County. One property was bid up, and the others sold for the minimum bid price.


Kittson County
All properties sold in Kittson County are Trust lands

  • Property 35006: 40 acres - minimum bid/sold price $17,370
  • Property 35007: 38.87 acres - minimum bid $16,025; sold price $39,000
  • Property 35010: 19.1 acres - minimum bid/sold price $8,085
  • Property 35011: 18.1 acres - minimum bid/sold price $8,045
  • Property 35012: 18.3 acres - minimum bid/sold price $8,160
  • Property 35013: 20.4 acres - minimum bid/sold price $7,830

Lake of the Woods County

  • Property 39014: 3.03 acres (acquired land)
    minimum bid/sold price $24,495


The next sale will be held on Thursday, October 9, 11 a.m. at the Miners’ Memorial Building, 821 South 9th Ave., Virginia, Minnesota. About 25 parcels of residential and recreational land in Cook, Itasca, Lake, and St. Louis counties will be sold. The sale is in conjunction with the county’s tax-forfeited land sale. Bidding registration will be open as of 10 a.m. for the two sales. The county sale will begin at 11 a.m. followed immediately by the DNR’s sale.


Over the Counter Land Sales

Properties still available for purchase over-the-counter are posted below.
Interested parties should review the property data sheets posted below and the Instructions for Over-The-Counter Land Purchase and Terms and Conditions of Sale

Click on the underlined link to view or download the property data sheets.




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