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Including Online Students in Your Field Day

As you probably have experienced, many parents are looking for a field day for their child who is completing the online course. They may have contacted you to request their child attend your field day. You can certainly accommodate these students in your field day by requesting them to attend an hour prior to the start of your field day. They could also attend your gun handling session if they have notified you ahead of time.

Here are the basics of what to cover prior to the field day:

  1. Collect the Field Day Voucher from the student, as proof of completion of the online course.
  2. Have Parents fill out Parental Release Form for their child/children.
  3. Administer the 15-Question Quiz (if you need a supply of the Quiz/answer sheet, we can email it to you or send it with your supplies). Ask parents to stay until the quiz has been corrected.
  4. Reference our Pocket Guide – the information in green is what needs to be covered if including online students into your field day.

These students will now be able to join your classroom students in the scenarios and range activities. If you have questions, please contact your Regional Training Officer or the Safety Training Office at 800-366-8917.

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