Metallic Minerals Lease Sale

Results of State Metallic Minerals Lease Sale

October 24, 2012

The bid opening for the state's 33rd sale of metallic minerals exploration and mining leases was held on October 24, 2012. There were a total of 31 bids. One of the bids (by MMG USA Exploration LLC) was in Aitkin County, nine bids (by DMC USA LLC) were in Lake County, and the remaining 21 bids (by Encampment Minerals, Inc.) were in St. Louis County. The bids covered about 9,509 acres in the lease sale acres, including about 240 acres in Aitkin County, 4,469 acres in Lake County and 4,800 acres in St. Louis County.

Detailed information about the bids is available in the Bid Information Summary, available for download below:

The State's Executive Council (comprised of the state's five constitutional officers) must approve the issuance of the leases. At its December 6, 2012 meeting, the Executive Council deferred action on the leases pending a decision by the Minnesota Court of Appeals on a citizen petition requesting an environmental assessment worksheet for the lease sale. The Minnesota Court of Appeals issued its ruling on September 9, 2013.  The court concluded that the State’s sale of mineral leases does not by itself trigger environmental-review requirements under the Minnesota Environmental Protection Act and related rules because the leases do not contemplate definite, on-the-ground physical changes to the environment.  The court noted that environmental review requirements may be triggered in the future by more specific exploration plans for property leased as a result of the sale. 

October 25, 2013 Approval of Leases by State Executive Council

At a meeting held on October 25, 2013, the State Executive Council approved 31 state non-ferrous metallic minerals leases in Aitkin, St. Louis and Lake Counties. The approved leases are to MMG USA Exploration LLC, DMC (USA) LLC, and Encampment Minerals, Inc., the high bidders at the Department of Natural Resources' October 24, 2012 Metallic Minerals Lease Sale.

Maps and table of the 31 approved state non-ferrous metallic minerals leases This is a
PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it. (6 pages, 5.4mb)

Additional information about mineral leasing can be found on our State Mineral Leasing, Exploration, and Development FAQ as well as at our nonferrous metallic minerals webpages

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