Hinckley Area Fisheries Office

Office address

Hinckley Area Fisheries Office
P.O. Box 398
306 Power Avenue North
Hinckley, MN 55037
tel. 320-384-7721
fax. 320-384-6160

Office location map

Hinckley Area Fisheries Office boundary map.

Driving directions to office:
From I 35 Hinckley exit (State Highway 48): Go west on Highway 23/48 (Fire Monument Road). Turn RIGHT at the first stop sign (County Road 61). Go north six blocks past downtown Hinckley; turn RIGHT at Second Street (just past the Conoco station). Go two blocks; turn LEFT at Power Avenue. The office is located in the large blue and white pole building; enter at the fourth door to the right.

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8/3/2015 New northern pike regulations in effect for East and West Rush Lakes

The 2015 Game and Fish bill, which went into effect July 1, included changes to the protected slot limit for northern pike on East and West Rush Lakes in Chisago County. Previously, all pike between 24-36 inches had to be released. Now anglers may keep fish up to 26 inches, but all between 26-40 inches must be released. One northern pike over 40 inches may be kept. The reason for this change is that these lakes have shown the potential to grow trophy size pike. The presence of larger northern pike helps to keep the numbers of small "hammer handle" pike (16-18 inches) under control, and to balance the sizes and numbers of other fish species. Creel surveys in 2012-2013 showed that there were good numbers of northern pike in the 24-36 inch slot that were released, but few fish over 36". By changing the slot from 26-40 inches, anglers will have the opportunity to harvest more eating size northerns while allowing the larger ones to grow.

8/3/2015 Summer fish sampling underway

Lake and stream fish sampling is in progress for 2015. Fish sampling methods include gill nets, trap nets, shoreline seining, and electrofishing. Additional vegetation sampling may be done on some lakes. Lakes that have been or will be sampled include Ann, Eleven (Kanabec County), Green (Chisago County), Sturgeon, South Center, Oak, East Rush, and Knife. Stream surveys include the Snake River, Hay Creek and Little Hay Creek (near St. Croix State Park), and several small trout stream tributaries. Preliminary results will be available in the fall for lakes and in winter for streams.

6/16/2015 Catch and release season now open for lake sturgeon in Kettle, Snake, St. Croix

Anglers may now legally target lake sturgeon for catch and release thanks to a change in the 2015 fishing regulations. Previously the sturgeon season had been closed since 2004 due to concern over low numbers. Since then, studies have shown that sturgeon are making a comeback in area rivers. The removal of the Sandstone Dam on the Kettle River in 1995 opened up fish passage to new spawning areas; more sturgeon have been seen in the Moose Horn River, a large tributary upstream from the dam. The modification of the Cross Lake Dam on the Snake River has also improved fish passage in that system. Lake sturgeon are long lived, slow growing fish that don't reach maturity until about 20 years of age. They are vulnerable to habitat loss and over harvest. Lake sturgeon provide a good fight on a fishing line, and by allowing anglers to catch and release this unique species, more people can now experience the thrill of catching one. Good places to catch sturgeon in the Hinckley area include the Kettle River below Highway 48, and the St. Croix River south of Highway 70.


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