Local Fishing Waters With Aeration Systems

Almost all our local fishing waters are productive aquatic ecosystems, reflecting the fertile lands (watersheds) surrounding them.  To maintain fish populations in shallow, soft-sediment lakes where wintertime oxygen drops to levels threatening survival (a condition known as winterkill), aeration is sometimes used to mix in atmospheric oxygen.

Aeration systems used to maintain fish populations are operated by local organizations under permit from MN DNR Section of Ecological and Water Resources. Details of the Lake Aeration Program can be found here.


Below is a list of local fishing lakes having winter aeration permits in the recent past.  Other waters with aerators or fountains might also have fish populations, but are either 1) not sampled by MN DNR Fisheries 2) lacking public access, or 3) aerated for different benefits (such as to keep marinas ice-free)    List Updated March 2014

Carver County Aerated Lakes/Ponds ( * public access limited and/or far from parking areas)
Courthouse (run during autumn/pre-ice), Eagle, Lucy*, Oak*, Rice Marsh*, Susan

Hennepin County Aerated Lakes/Ponds ( * public access limited and/or far from parking areas)
Bass*, Crystal, Gleason*, Hyland, Loring Park Pond, Mitchell, Penn, Powderhorn, Rebecca, Red Rock, Round, Snelling, Sweeney-Twin*, Taft, Wirth, Wolfe Park

Scott County Aerated Lakes/Ponds
Cedar, Cleary, Crystal, pond in Prior Lake Lakefront Park, McColl, McMahon (Carls), Murphy, O'Dowd, Thole


Specifics for each lake's aerator type and operator can be found in the Aeration Permit Annual Report documents (such as the 2012-13 Report This is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it. [Local aerator information is in Table 6 and Appendix 2.])


Some Notes About Aeration Systems / Aerated Waters Related To Fish Management: