Sauk Rapids Area Fisheries


Shorefishing Sites in the Sauk Rapids Area

Deer Lake Shorefishing Site

In the three county area that the Sauk Rapids Area Fisheries Office serves are more than 100 lakes with public access. But what would an angler do if he/she didn't have a boat? To assist such anglers we have developed several shorefishing opportunities. These sites all have fishing piers or platforms located in waters that are suitable for catching fish.

One recent shorefishing site that was recently developed is located at the outlet of Deer Lake, in Wright County. Prior to being a shorefishing site, this area contained a fish trap that was used to remove undesirable species such as carp, bullheads, and suckers however, it was no longer effective. This was an attractive spot for a shorefishing site because the dam on the outlet of Deer Lake is a fish barrier and fish congregate in this area. With the trap in place, anglers were prohibited from fishing in this area, but with the trap gone anglers can now access this area. The Deer Lake public access also provides additional parking spaces for users.


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