Lanesboro area



Southeast MN Stream Conditions

Last updated on:

Wednesday - January 17, 2018


Current conditions - Water Clarity, Stream Flow

Forestville Creek (Forestville State Park)

Normal, Clear

S. Br. Root River (Forestville State Park)

Normal, Clear

Pine Creek (Rush Creek watershed)


South Fork Root River (Million $ Bridge)


Trout Run


South Branch Root River (Preston)

Normal, Clear

South Branch Root River (Lanesboro)

Normal, Clear

Duschee Creek


North Branch Whitewater River (Carley State Park)


Mill Creek (Chatfield)

Normal, Clear

Camp Creek


Whitewater River system

Crystal Springs Hatchery

Fishing Report

We will update this page as in the past... usually on a Thursday or as conditions change.  You are welcome to call the office for information (507-467-2442).

NOTE - Check the detailed fishing easement maps (bottom of page).

NOTE - Check the new fishing easement maps (bottom of page).

NOTE - State Park & Town Special Regulation Maps (under "Area Highlights")

January 17, 2018 (Wednesday) - Should be a must-fish weekend!  See you on the water!

January 11, 2018 (Thursday) - White out!  We have maybe 3-4 inches of snow on the ground now.  Cold...pretty cold until the end of next week.

January 8, 2018 (Monday) - All designated trout streams are open now.  Streams look great!  Midges hatching and walking around on the two inches or so of snow.  One report of one blue-winged olive flying upstream on Sunday.  Wind should be minimal today.  Very cold again this coming weekend.  Get out and fish!

January 5, 2018 (Friday) - Shelf ice on many streams now.  Camp Creek looked good yesterday though.  Looking forward to Sunday (air temps in the 20'sF) and early next week.  Late season CWD firearms deer hunt begins here tomorrow (January 5) through January 14.  Please wear blaze orange.

Description of Information

This site is an attempt to provide up to date information on stream conditions in the Lanesboro Fisheries Management Area. Conditions change quickly and we will update this page as much as our time allows. One person’s description of water conditions and how fishable a particular stream is are always different from someone else. “Last Updated” information will always be posted above.

We will use the terms…

We will not post information based on speculation. If water conditions are MUDDY on Camp Creek, for example, this means that one of us has actually been to Camp Creek on the date reported and observed the condition.

If you need further information you are welcome to call our office.