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Results from sturgeon-angler survey

New Regulations

Beginning in 2006, anglers intending to harvest a lake sturgeon from Minnesota waters were required to purchase a special fish management tag prior to harvesting a fish. Anglers who harvest a lake sturgeon must immediately place the tag on that fish. Anglers are also required to mail in a registration card to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) within 48 hours of harvesting the fish.

Sturgeon Anglers Surveyed

Beginning in the fall of 2007, all anglers who purchased a special fish management tag in 2006 and/or 2007 were mailed a questionnaire. Among the objectives of the survey, were:

  1. To identify water bodies where anglers target lake sturgeon
  2. To look for ways that the tag/registration protocol could be improved
  3. To evaluate compliance with the requirement to register harvested fish

Following are some results of the survey:


There were also a lot of good comments offered by survey participants.  We plan to use the results of this survey to improve the administration of our Special Fish Management Tag program, and to help design future studies to improve harvest estimates using information gathered through the tag program.



For more information on the lake sturgeon angler survey, contact the Baudette Area Fisheries office at 218-634-2522, or email Area Fisheries Supervisor