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North Shore wildflowers

Download the  wildflowers list This is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it. for Gooseberry Falls State park.

Flowers | Flowering trees, shrubs, vines | Berries


*Flowers are whitish or have a hint of yellow, pink or green.
**Flower color changes from yellow to orange with age.
***Non-native or exotic species.

Flowers are Protected. Please do not pick in state parks.

Flower color Bloom time
Strawberry, Common & Wood May-mid July
Wood Anemone May-mid June
Pussy Toes May-mid June
Canada Violet May-mid June
Dewberry May-mid June
Canada Mayflower May-June
Star Flower May-June
Bunchberry May-July
Wild Sarsaparilla June
Baneberry, White & Red June
Nodding Trillium June
False Rue Anemone* June-July
Tall Meadow Rue* June-July
Canada Anemone June-July
Three-toothed Cinquefoil June-July
White Clover*** June-August
Pale Vetchling* June-July
Cow Parsnip June-July
One-sided Pyrola (Shinleaf) June-July
Shinleaf (Waxflower) June-July
Bedstraw (Cleavers) June-July
One-flowered Wintergreen June-July
Water Hemlock June-August
Daisy Fleabane* June-Sept.
Ox-eye Daisy*** June-Sept.
Common Yarrow*** June-Sept.
Spurred Gentian July-August
Pearly Everlasting July-Sept.
Indian Pipe July-August
Aster, various species July-Sept.
Turtlehead July-August
White Lettuce* July-August
Downy Yellow Violet May-June
Marsh Marigold May-July
Clintonia (Bluebead Lily) May-July
Yellow Lady's-Slipper June
Winter Cress June-July
Pale Vetchling June-July
Buttercup, Swamp & Tall June-August
Bird's-foot Trefoil*** June-Sept.
Evening Primrose** June-Sept.
Yellow Avens June-July
Fringed Loosestrife June-July
Swamp Candles June-July
Agrimony June-July
Common Hawkweed June-August
Black or Brown-eyed Susan July-October
Sunflower, various species July-October
Tansy*** July-Sept.
Goldenrod, various species July-Sept.
Orange Hawkweed*** June-August
Michigan Lily July
Jewelweed August
Bird's-eye Primrose May-June
Wild Columbine June-July
Rose Twisted Stalk June-July
Twin Flower June-July
Deptford Pink*** June-July
Red Clover*** June-Sept.
Daisy Fleabane* June-July
Spotted Coralroot June-July
Pink Shinleaf (Waxflower) June-July
Showy Lady's-Slipper early-mid July
Valerian* *** July-August
Fireweed July-August
Violet, various species May-June
Tall Lungwort (Bluebells) June
Moss Phlox* June
Blue-eyed Grass June
Vetch, American & Crown*** June-August
Blue Flag (Wild Iris) June-July
Wild Geranium June
Butterwort June
Long-leaved Bluets* June-July
Self-heal (Heal-all)*** June-July
Lupine June-July
Harebell June-August
Blue Vervain June-Sept.
Brook's Lobelia July
Purple Fringed Orchis end July
Hedge Nettle July-Sept.
Thistle, various species*** July-Sept.
Bittersweet Nightshade*** July-Sept.
Joe Pye Weed July-August
Large Leaf Aster July-Sept.
Wild Bergamot August-Sept.
Jack-in-the-Pulpit June
Northern Green Orchis June
Common Hop*** July

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Flowering trees, shrubs & vines

S=shrub, V=vine, T=tree

Flower color Bloom time
Wild Current* (S) May-June
Thimbleberry(S) June-July
Juneberry* (S) June
Cherry, Pin (T) & Choke* (S) May-June
Mountain Ash (T) June
Red Osier Dogwood (S) June-August
Red-berried Elder (S) June
Raspberry (S) June
High-bush Cranberry (S) June-July
Ninebark (S) June-July
Meadowsweet (S) July-August
Virgin's Bower (S) July-August
Fly Honeysuckle (S)  
Gooseberry* (S) May-June
Hairy Honeysuckle** (V) June-July
Bush Honeysuckle** (S) June-August
Shrubby Cinquefoil (S) June-Sept.
Wild Rose (S) June-July
Spreading Dogbane* (S)  
Purple Clematis (V) early June

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P=poisonous, N=non-edible

Berry color Ripen time
White Baneberry (P) July-Sept.
Red Osier Dogwood (P) July-Sept.
Fly Honeysuckle June
Strawberry July-August
Dewberry July-August
Red-berried Elder (P) July_August
Thimbleberry July-August
Raspberry July-August
Bunchberry July-August
Twisted Stalk (N) July-August
Red Baneberry (P) July-Sept.
Wild Rose Hips August-Sept.
High-bush Cranberry August-Sept.
Pin Cherry August-Sept.
Choke Cherry August-Sept.
Bittersweet Nightshade (P) August-Sept.
Mountain Ash (N) August-Sept.
Juneberry July-August
Blue-bead Lily (P) July-August
Blueberry July-August
Wild Sarsaparilla (N) July-August
Gooseberry July-August
Canada Mayflower (N) August

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Flower identification tips

When you see a flower make at least 3 observations, such as:

Location:where exactly did you see the flower (water, forest, field, along path, in sunny or shady place, on a tree, along the shoreline, on rock outcrop, etc.)

Flower color & size: does flower color vary from plant to plant

Flower shape & number of petals: is flower regular (radially symmetrical), irregular or parts indistinguishable; is the flower part of a cluster or a single bloom; if a cluster, how are blooms attached to the stem

Leaf arrangement: how are leaves attached to stem (alternate, opposite, basal, or whorl)

Leaf shape, size & edge: is the leaf edge toothed, smooth, lobed, or divided

Stem: what is the texture (woody, non-woody, smooth, semi-hairy, fuzzy) and shape (square, round, triangular, zig-zag)

Bloom time: flowers have a regular bloom time, is it early, mid, or late spring, summer, or fall