2016-2017 Minnesota State Parks Permit

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Image of the 2016 Minnesota State Park Annual PermitFour seasons of outdoor fun!

A year-round permit provides unlimited visits to all 75 Minnesota state parks and recreation areas for a full year from the month of purchase.

By purchasing a permit, you help maintain and improve the natural resources, facilities, and education and outreach programs that make Minnesota's state parks among the best in the nation.

Permits are valid for one year from the month of purchase. Plus, you can receive a discount on additional year-round permits for other vehicles you own.

Why limit yourself to one day?

When you buy a $5 one-day permit, trade it in before you leave the park and get $5 off a year-round permit!* Already have one? Gift it—introduce a friend to unlimited good times with a year-round permit.


Common Questions

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What does it cost?

How can I purchase a Minnesota State Parks permit?

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Can I credit my one-day permit toward buying a year-round permit?

Are there discounts for vehicles with disability tags?

Are there military discounts?

Is there a K-12 educators' discount?

Is there a group rate?

My year-round permit got lost or damaged. Will you replace it?

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What vehicles are exempt from needing a permit?