Birding Events in Minnesota State Parks

Minnesota state parks are a haven for birds and birdwatchers alike. Bird habitats around Minnesota—and everywhere in the world—are declining, and as a result, so are many bird species and populations. The state parks provide and preserve a much-needed variety and diversity of habitats for birds. If you want to see birds in Minnesota, visit a state park!

Park-specific bird checklists
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Many parks hold bird surveys and bird banding demonstrations, and there are often naturalist-led bird walks or other birding programs. Find one here:


12/03/14 - 01/07/14

Gooseberry Falls State Park

Birds and Bone Builders- RSVP


Glendalough State Park

Winter Bird Feeding Frenzy


Jay Cooke State Park

Winter Bird I.D.


Itasca State Park

20th Annual Itasca Winter Bird Count


Lake Bemidji State Park

Annual Winter Bird Survey


Whitewater State Park

19th Annual Whitewater River Valley Christmas Bird Count


Lake Carlos State Park

5th Annual Alexandria Christmas Bird Count


Fort Snelling State Park

Winter Birding for Beginners


Fort Snelling State Park

All About Bluebirds


William O'Brien State Park

Bluebird Workshop!

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