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A burning permit grants the individual holder the right to burn small amounts of dry leaves, plant clippings, brush, and clean untreated-unpainted wood as long as weather conditions do not pose a fire hazard.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I get a permit?

When do I need a burning permit?

How do I activate my burning permit?

Why do you have to activate the permit daily before burning?

When is a permit not needed?

What can I burn with a permit or in an approved burner?

What materials cannot be burned?

What if I want to burn a structure?

What are burning permit restrictions?

What are spring burning restrictions?

How are the dates for spring restrictions determined?

What is a burning ban?

What is a special permit?

What is a variance permit?

How do I report a fire?

Please note that while DNR issues statewide regulations, if you live within a municipality that controls the open burning, local permits or more stringent regulations may apply.

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