Wildfire Information

• Fire is a natural part of our environment. DNR Forestry manages fire to protect people living near wildlands from of loss of life and property and to minimize damage to natural resources.

• DNR Forestry provides wildfire protection on nearly 45 million acres of land: manages the use of prescribed fire, and actively prevents wildfires and wildfire-related damage to property.

Fire Danger Rating Map

Fire Danger Rating

DNR Forestry invites you to find out more about:

• April 17-23 is Wildfire Prevention Week. Did you know that most wildfires in Minnesota occur in the spring between the time the snow melts and vegetation greens up? More on wildfire prevention.

• Current statewide wildfire information- Minnesota Incident Command System (MNICS) external link

• New to camping and don't know how to make a campfire? Or maybe you've just never had much success in making one? Listen to making a perfect campfire podcast (1 MB) to find out more. script Remember only you can prevent wildfires.

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Spring Burning Restrictions begin March 21 for central Minnesota. View map to see if your county is affected.