Wildfire update

September 25, 2017

Statewide Planning Level is 2A with the Warroad DNR area at PL 3.

**The "A" designator indicates that Minnesota has resources available to assist with out of state incidents.**

The National Preparedness Level is 3.

Additional wildfire information is available on the Minnesota Incident Command System website.


Burning permits:

All counties require burning permits. No burning restrictions are in effect today.

Daily Fire Danger and Burning Restrictions Maps

Refer to the Burning Permits website or contact your local DNR office or Sheriff's Office for updated information concerning burning permits.

The DNR advises anyone doing burning to keep burn piles small, have a water supply nearby, and stay with the fire until it is completely out.  If the fire escapes, the homeowner is responsible for the damage and suppression costs.

US Drought Monitor Map of Minnesota

Be Safe with Campfires

The DNR suggests following these steps to build a safe campfire:

Be careful with gas lanterns, barbecue grills, gas stoves and anything that can start a wildfire.