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Peltier Lake



Peltier Lake is located in Centerville, MN. The lake can be reached by traveling west of I-35E from the Hugo/Centerville Exit on County Road 14.

Species Present:

Northern Pike: above average abundance, average size.
Largemouth Bass: lower than average abundance, smaller than average size.
Bluegill: average abundance, average size.
Crappie: above average abundance, smaller than average size.
Channel Catfish: low abundance, larger than average size.
Bullhead species: average abundance, average size.
Yellow Perch: low abundance, small size.


Boat Access:

The boat access is located adjacent to the dam on the outlet in Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Regional Park operated by Anoka County. This lake may have a surface water regulation limiting travel in the north end of the lake to slow, no wake. Check for signs posted at the access. The purpose of the regulation is to limit intrusion on the colony of nesting herons located on an island in the north bay of this lake.


Shore Fishing:

This lake has good shore fishing facilities. The County has a fishing pier in the southwest corner of the lake, just down the shore from the boat access. Anglers often fish from the shoreline of County Road 14 near the connection with Centerville Lake.
The most popular shore fishing spot may be at the dam. Anglers fish on both sides of the dam, upstream and in the pool downstream of the dam.


Management Plans:

  1. Fisheries standard lake survey in 2019.
  2. Stock 1,030,000 walleye fry (2,500 per littoral acre) in odd numbered years.
  3. Monitor winter oxygen as needed.
  4. Operation of winter aeration system by Anoka County as needed to prevent winterkill.


Aquatic Invasive Species Alert:

This lake contains Eurasian watermilfoil. Remove any visible plants from your boat, trailer, or other boating equipment before leaving the lake.



Peltier is a very popular fishing lake, both summer and winter. Northern Pike and panfish are the primary targets of most anglers to this lake. Walleye are present, but are not abundant. Channel Catfish yearlings have provided additional opportunities for Peltier Lake anglers. Anglers catch occasional Muskie than have migrated downstream from Bald Eagle Lake.

Peltier is part of a state-wide initiative to monitor the effects of climate change and other human activities on Minnesota lakes. As such, this lake will be subject to an extensive variety of sampling and assessment activities for the duration of the initiative.


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