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Lake St. Croix


Lake St. Croix refers to the lower portion of the St. Croix River from Stillwater to Prescott along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border. 

Species Present:

There have been more than 60 species of fish documented from Lake St. Croix. Those of primary interest to anglers include:
Walleye: above average abundance, average size. There is a 15 inch minimum size limit for Walleye on the St. Croix.
Sauger: a close relative of the Walleye. Average abundance, average size.
Northern Pike: Below average abundance; above average size.
Muskellunge: Average abundance, average or above average size. Some large fish are present.
Largemouth Bass: Low abundance, average size. There is a 14 inch minimum size for Largemouth Bass on the St. Croix.
Smallmouth Bass: Average abundance, average size. There is a 14 inch minimum size on Smallmouth Bass on the St. Croix.
Bluegill: average abundance, average size.
Crappie: Average abundance; average size.
Catfish: Average abundance; all sizes available. The state record Flathead Catfish for Minnesota (70 pounds) comes from the St. Croix. Channel Catfish exceeding 25 pounds are also present.
White Bass: Locally abundant, but average abundance for the entire lake, all sizes available.
Lake Sturgeon: Average abundance, large size fish available. Fish exceeding 50 pounds have been caught here.


Boat Access:

Shore Angling:

Management Plans:

  1. Population assessment in 2017.
  2. Stock 4,000 Muskie fingerlings in odd numbered years.
  3. Continue catfish population study using tagged fish.
  4. Monitor commercial fishermen in attempt to determine presence of invasive carp. 

Exotic Species Alert:

Lake St. Croix contains Eurasian milfoil and zebra mussels. Remove all vegetation and drain all live wells, bait containers and any other water reservoirs before leaving the lake. 


Fishing on Lake St. Croix is often limited by extremely high level of recreational boating. Angling for Walleye and Sauger is the most popular fishing activity on this lake. There has been increased interest in Muskie angling in recent years. White Bass and Crappie populations tend to fluctuate greatly. A creel survey completed in 2013 indicated the catch of Bluegill has increased substantially over historic levels. 

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