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Winter 2016 - 2017

Dan CarlsonPrairie Care Seed Collector - Dan Carlson, White Bear Lake

Every year Dan Carlson and hundreds of other volunteers spend thousands of hours collecting prairie seed to be spread on new restoration areas in Wild River State Park the following year.  The park's Prairie Care Program is a model of volunteer-based prairie restoration. 

"Dan has been instrumental in his work with the Prairie Care program. Starting mid-summer, he is out collecting seeds most weekends until the first snow, regardless of weather, said Mike Dunker, Wild River State Park Naturalist. "His other volunteer hours with wildlife surveys and birding make it a joy to visit with him to hear about what he has been seeing within the park. The park is grateful to have him as a volunteer!"

Thank you, Dan, for your years of service as a DNR Volunteer!

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brochuresMPR Minnesota State Parks Gift Packers: Connie Baillie, Minneapolis and Sue Anderson, St. Anthony

Connie Baillie and Sue Anderson put in many hours assembling state parks gift packets as part of our partnership with Minnesota Public Radio for their annual membership drives.  

According to Katie Immel, Parks and Trails Division Central Office Services, "Together with a handful of other volunteers, they assembled over 8,500 information gift packets which include Minnesota State Parks vehicle permits.  Connie and Sue are responsible for getting that many people out to enjoy our great state parks!  Not only were they willing to put in many hours to help with this task, but many times on just a few days' notice."

Thank you, Connie and Sue, for helping to promote outdoor recreation in Minnesota state parks! 

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garlic mustardGarlic Mustard Removal - Greg and Anne Yakle, Caledonia

Greg and Anne Yakle have been volunteering at Beaver Creek Valley State Park for several years now.  
Just this past year alone, they spent 80 hours hand removing the invasive garlic mustard plant in the park. 

"Pulling garlic mustard is tedious and some of the patches they worked are wet and mucky locations on top of it, said Laurie Maloney, Parks and Trails Division staff.  "The Conservation Corps of Minnesota crew has also been working on the larger patches, but the Yakle's assistance has been essential in keeping the invasive at bay. We are staying on top of the intrusion."

Thank you, Greg and Anne, for helping us eliminate invasive species in Minnesota state parks!

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