Meet our Volunteers

Spring 2015

Boston Scientific – Pig's Eye SNA Cleanup

cleaning upFor the past 7 years, teams of employees from Boston Scientific have cleaned Pig's Eye Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) along the Mississippi River in St. Paul.  Paul Nordell, Adopt-a-River Program Coordinator says, "In November 2014, nineteen participants removed 960 pounds of trash that had floated into the SNA during recent flooding; tires, barrels, thousands of bottles, and every other imaginable thing showed up there. To date, 15,851 pounds of trash have been removed by this group."


This SNA is the home of one of the largest heron rookeries in the central United States. The rare white-crowned night heron has been observed nesting there, along with other more common species. Cleaning up this site makes it possible for wildlife to thrive.


Thank you, Boston Scientific, for your continued support of the Adopt-a-River Program!


Jacqueline Amor, Bemidji – Fish and Wildlife Volunteer

J Amor


Jacqueline Amor has done a variety of work with the DNR over the last two years. Starting in the Fall of 2013, Jacqueline began doing volunteer work at the Bemidji Regional office on projects involving document editing and Geographic Information System (GIS) work. In the Spring of 2014, Jacqueline used her experience volunteering to gain a temporary position as a Research Analyst with the Bemidji Fisheries Research office and later with the Bemidji Wildlife Research office.


While volunteering with the DNR, Jacqueline was involved in several GIS projects ranging from watershed analysis, mobile device data collection and production mapping, most notably on the Canada goose aerial survey. According to Chris Scharenbroich, Wildlife GIS Specialist, Bemidji, “Jacqueline helped create both overview maps identifying the locations of Canada goose survey plots across the state as well as individual plot maps overlaying detailed aerial photos. The aerial imagery helps DNR staff identify areas within each plot to focus their time surveying potential goose nesting habitat. It is also very useful for identifying areas to avoid during low altitude flight with the helicopter used for the survey including obstacles such as towers and livestock which can be frightened by the rotor noise.”


“Volunteering has been a great way for young professionals like Jacqueline to get experience. Experience not only helps young professionals build skills important in the workplace, but also provides a sampling of work that can help more quickly identify a course to take in the natural resources field. DNR Wildlife greatly appreciates their volunteers who help every year in various projects to reach their mission.”


Thank you, Jacqueline!


Tim Pulis –Minneopa State Park Volunteer

T PulisTim Pulis is a very active member of the Friends of Minneopa State Park group who took on the project of research, preparing, and presenting a program on the 150th Anniversary of the Seppmann Mill, a wind driven grist mill fashioned in German style from native stone and lumber located in the park.


Scott Kudelka, Naturalist, Minneopa State Park, said, "Tim did an outstanding job at collecting all the available information on the Seppmann Mill, but even went beyond this to tracking down the owner of a missing scaled model of the Seppmann Mill built in 1974. The scale model is now on display at the Blue Earth County Historical Society and has been used for events at Minneopa State Park."


In addition to his work on the mill, Tim is the editor of the Minneopa Messenger, a quarterly newsletter produced by the Friends of Minneopa State Park and an important historical document of what has happened in the park.

Thank you, Tim, for your involvement and dedication to Minneopa State Park!


Casey Reep – Wildlife Management Volunteer

C ReepEver since visiting the Swan Lake Wildlife Management Area (WMA) on a college field trip, Casey Reep has volunteered over 200 hours assisting the Nicollet Area Wildlife staff in a multitude of ways.

Area Wildlife Supervisor, Joe Stangel, says, "Casey has helped us with Canada goose banding, wildlife scent post surveys and nuisance wildlife management, as well as management with boundaries, shallow lakes and seasons. Casey was the main seed harvester for the Cambria WMA Remnant Prairie restoration project."

Thank you, Casey!