Willard Munger State Trail

Willard Munger Trail Location
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hiking Hiking
Horseback Riding Horseback
Biking Biking
Mountain Biking Mountain biking
In-line Skating In-line skating
Snowmobiling Snowmobiling
Wheelchair access Wheelchair access
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Trail notes

Trail construction

Please use caution when snowmobiling on the Willard Munger State Trail near the 123rd parking area for approximately ½ mile heading northeast starting December 5th. Please refer to the map. This is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it. The Western Lake Superior Sanitation District and contractors will be on site within this segment for 2 weeks so please use caution and obey signing. Heavy equipment and other vehicle traffic will be present in this corridor. Snowmobiles need to slow down through the construction zone as the trail narrows around the work area. The trail will need to be shut down for 2 days within the next 2 weeks when they work on relining the sanitation pipe. Please refer back this website for more information or contact the Area Office at Moose Lake.

(Updated December 5, 2013)

The Willard Munger State Trail is a collection of multiple use trails between Hinckley and Duluth. It consists of interconnecting trails offering hiking, bicycling, in-line skating and snowmobiling. It highlights the picturesque scenery and rich history of East Central Minnesota. The trail follows the route of the railroad that saved many lives in the historic Hinckley and Cloquet fires in the nineteenth century.


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Jay Cooke State Park

Two Wheeled Tour - Biking the Munger Trail


Jay Cooke State Park

Two Wheeled Tour - Biking the Munger Trail

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There are three different trail segments in the Willard Munger State Trail: Hinckley - Duluth segment, Alex Laveau Memorial Trail and the Matthew Lourey State Trail (formerly known as the Boundary segment).

The 63 mile Hinckley - Duluth segment of the Willard Munger State Trail is completely paved, and extends between the cities of Hinckley, Willow River, Moose Lake, Barnum, Carlton, and Duluth. The trail passes near Banning State Park, through Finlayson, Willow River and General C.C. Andrews State Forest, and through the spectacular scenery of Jay Cooke State Park. The northeast portion of the trail provides scenic views of the St. Louis River and the twin ports of Duluth and Superior.

The Alex Laveau Memorial Trail honors the memory of a former county commissioner and dairy farmer who was a strong advocate of the idea of reusing abandoned railways as public trails. This trail allows users to ride from Gary-New Duluth 16 miles through Wrenshall into Carlton. 6 miles of off-road paved trail from Carlton to Highway 23 are open. The remaining miles are a combination of bike routes on paved highway shoulders.

The Matthew Lourey State Trail honors the memory of a U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer from Minnesota who lost his life in Operation Iraqi Freedom. This is an 80 mile natural surface trail used primarily for snowmobiling, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking. This trail passes through remote forests linking St. Croix State Park with the Chengwatana, St. Croix and Nemadji State Forests. Some areas may be impassable in summer.

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