Register for Training & Pay Permit Fees

Businesses that are defined by Minnesota law as lake service providers need to have the owner or manager attend aquatic invasive species training and apply for a lake service provider permit every three years.

Registration Steps

  1. If you aren't sure your business is an LSP:

    Take a short quiz to determine if are an LSP »

  2. Decide who in your company (owner or manager) should attend training and be named on the permit. If you need more than one owner or manager to be listed on the permit they must all attend class and pass the test but only need to pay for one permit. The person registering and paying for the course can add additional owner and manager names during online registration.
  3. If you don’t have an online DNR account:

    Register for an account »

  4. Sign up for training

    Login to the DNR's AIS training webpage »

  5. Select "Register for Lake Service Provider classroom course and apply for a permit" and follow the steps to register.
  6. Attend your training and take the test.
    Make sure the person (owner or manager) who registers for the account and training is the one attending the training.


The DNR will mail the permit and vehicle stickers to you once you have:

  1. Attended training
  2. Passed the test
  3. Completed payment online

At the training session you will receive:

  1. A 3-hour training session with DNR staff, including time for questions and answers.
  2. A Lake Servicer Provider Training Manual  outlining the information you need to understand current AIS laws, pass the test, and acquire your permit.
  3. Suggestions on how to integrate AIS prevention strategies into your business.