Is my business a lake service provider?

By Minnesota Law, a Service Provider is an individual who or entity that:

(1) an individual who or entity that: decontaminates, installs, or removes water-related equipment or structures into or from waters of the state for hire or as a service provided as a benefit of membership in a yacht club, boat club, marina, or similar organization; or

(2) an individual who or entity that: rents or leases water-related equipment that will be used in, placed into, or removed from waters of the state. Service provider does not include a person working under the supervision of an individual with a valid service provider permit issued under section 84D.108.

Answer these questions to quickly determine if your business is a Lake Service Provider:

Do you/your business get paid to install or remove water-related equipment in or out of Minnesota waters for another person or business? This includes businesses like marine mechanics that install equipment to test if its working properly. 

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