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Cobblestone Lake

Location: Apple Valley, Cobblestone Lake Park, Diamond Path Road and County Road 46

Species present: Bluegill, Black Crappie, Walleye, Bullhead

Cobblestone Lake.

Depth: 18 feet

Size: 37 acres

Recent fish stocking

Lake Map: None on file

Wheelchair access: Excellent but pier is high above water

MTC bus: None nearby

Park entrance fee: No


Parking: Good

Picnic: Yes

Grills: No

Playground: Yes

Other activities: Walking paths

Agency: City of Apple Valley This link leads to an external site.

(952) 953-2500

Fishing pier: Yes

location map for Cobblestone

Comments: Cobblestone Lake, a former gravel pit that has been turned into a lake, has plenty of fishable shoreline and a pier. The lake has two deep areas, one on each end of the lake with a shallower area connecting the two. Maximum depth is nearly 20 feet deep. A DNR fish survey was conducted in 2010. Walleye are frequently stocked in this lake and have provided delight for many anglers. Wintertime ice-fishing for Walleye is popular on this lake.


2010 Lake Survey Results:

Location and Date Species Abundance Average Length (in) Maximum Length (in)
Cobblestone Black Crappie high 6.0 6.6
(Dakota) Bluegill high 5.8 7.2
6/23/2010 Walleye high 18.0 23.15
  Hybrid Sunfish med 5.7 7.2
  Largemouth Bass low 16.2 16.2
  Black Bullhead high 8.1 10.5
  Pumpkinseed Sunfish low 5.6 5.6


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