Floodplain Management and Flooding


The Floodplain Management Unit oversees the administration of the State Floodplain Management Program by promoting and ensuring sound land use development in floodplain areas in order to promote the health and safety of the public, minimize loss of life, and reduce economic losses caused by flood damages. This unit also exists to oversee and administer the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for the State of Minnesota.

Floodplain Management Information Sheets

Integrated Approach to Flood Management, 2010 PDF icon.

Floodplains and Floodplain Management, 2006 PDF icon.

Floodplain Management Information Sheet Series

  1. Estimating the 100-year Flood Elevation on Lakes 2006 PDF icon.
  2. What are the floodway and flood fringe (in progress)
  3. Residential uses and standards in a floodplain 2011 PDF icon.
  4. Basement and Lowest Floors for Homes in a Floodplain 2010 PDF icon.
  5. Residential accessory structures in the flood fringe (in progress)
  6. Conditional uses in the floodplain (in progress)
  7. Flood Risk (in progress)
  8. Flood Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions 2010 PDF icon.
  9. Existing nonconformities - "Grandfathered structures" (to be added)
  10. After a Flood - FAQs on Building Requirements 2012 PDF icon.

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