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Instructor Training and Education Coordinators

Education Coordinator

Acting Captain Jon Paurus
1-800-366-8917 Ext# 2504

Safety training and education support

General Information

Instructor Replacement Cards: Email your name, instructor number and current mailing address to:

Warehouse and supplies for safety programs


Program Contacts

Hunter Education programs

Donna Schulz
1-800-366-8917 Ext# 2501

Recreational Vehicle Education programs

Bev Berg
1-800-366-8917 Ext# 2520

Trail Ambassador program

Wendy Richey
1-800-366-8917 ext. 2503

DNR Enforcement Training Center

15011 State Hwy 115
Little Falls, MN 56345
Toll Free #1-800-366-8917

Regional Training Officers

West Central RTO

2nd Lt. Frank Rezac

South West METRO RTO

Acting 2nd Lt. Kevin Neitzke

North West RTO

2Lt. Jon Paurus

North East RTO

2nd Lt. Shelly Patten

North East METRO RTO

2nd Lt. Bruce Lawrence

Southern RTO

2nd Lt. Dan McBroom

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Contact the Regional Training Officer in your area.

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