Online Course and Virtual Field Day is an online course with a Virtual Field Day. It is the firearms certification course for Minnesota Residents 18 and older who are required to have Firearms Safety/Hunter Education Certification in order to purchase a hunting license in Minnesota or other states. Educating Hunters Online  Hunter sighting in

Minnesota residents 18 and older may complete the Minnesota Online Firearms Safety and Virtual Field Day Course to receive their MN Firearms Safety/Hunter Education Certificate.

Steps to Receive your Firearms Safety Certification:

  • Step 1:  Log onto This link leads to an external site. and complete the course, pay a separate course fee of $24.95 upon completion to receive a Voucher* and instructions. 
  • Step 2: log on to and complete the MN DNR ELS Instructions to self-certification, pay the online DNR Course Fee of $7.50 and print your certificate.

In addition to the online course and virtual field day, adult students who have little or no firearms experience are encouraged to attend an optional Field Day led by a DNR Certified Firearm Safety Instructor. They will take you through many hands-on hunting and firearms related activities like those shown on the Interactive Field Day Map.

To locate and sign up for an optional Field Day in your area, go to the Minnesota DNR website at You will not be admitted to the Field Day without a valid Field Day Voucher. Additional fee(s) may be collected.