Special publications

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Number Title, author
131 Parasites and Selected Anomalies of some Fishes of the North Central United States and Canada. By Ellis J. Wyatt and Philip P. Economon. Sept. 1981. 197pp.
132 Lake Management Planning Guide. Dec. 1982. 61pp.
133 Aeration and Mixing Systems in Minnesota Lakes. By David W. Pederson. Dec. 1982. 29pp.
134 Biological Survey of the Red Lake River. By Paul A. Renard, Steven R. Hanson and John W. Enblom. June 1983. 110pp.
135 A Fish Management Guide for Northern Prairie Farm Ponds. By James A. Schneider. Aug. 1983. 30pp.
136 Water Quality Monitoring in Representative Fish Lakes, 1979 and 1980. By David Zappetillo, Harlan Fierstine and David Pederson. April 1984. 98pp.
137 Biological Survey of the Otter Tail River. By Steven R. Hanson, Paul A. Renard, Nancy A. Kirsch, and John W. Enblom. June 1984. 110pp.
138 Indexing Minnesota Fish Lakes Relative to Potential Susceptibility to Acidic Deposition. By Ronald D. Payer. Aug. 1984. 84pp.
139 Biological Survey of the Minnesota River. By Nancy A. Kirsch, Steven A. Hanson, Paul A. Renard, and John W. Enblom. March 1985. 107pp.
140 Large Lake Sampling Guide. By Paul J. Wingate and Dennis H. Schupp. April 1984. 30pp.
141 Lake Superior Tributary Sampling Guide. By Dexter Pitman and Paul J. Wingate. April 1986. 64pp.
142 Biological Survey of the Red River of the North. By Paul A. Renard, Steven R. Hanson, and John W. Enblom. July 1986. 82pp.
143 Proceedings of Trout and the Trout Angler in the Upper Midwest Workshop. June 1988. 57pp.
145 Minnesota's Purple Loosestrife Program: History, Findings and Management Recommendations. By Luke C. Skinner, William J. Rendall, and Ellen L. Fuge. January 1994. 40pp.
146 Life History and Taxonomic Status of Purple Loosestrife in Minnesota: Implications for Management and Regulations of this Exotic Plant. By Charles H. Welling and Roger L. Becker. May 1992. 16pp.
147 Manual of Instructions for Lake Survey. By Timothy Schlagenhaft. March 1993.
148 Fisheries Management Planning Guide for Streams and Rivers. By Mark Ebbers. May 1993. 64pp.
149 Fisheries Management Plan for the Minnesota Waters of Lake Superior. Donald R. Schreiner, Editor. Nov. 1995. 99pp.
150 Walleye Stocking Guidelines for Minnesota Fish Managers. Aug. 1995. 47pp.
151 Potential, Target, and Current Yields for Minnesota's 10 Large Walleye Lakes. Oct. 1997. 72pp.
152 Nondigenous Fish in Inland Waters: Response Plan to New Introductions. May 1998. By Jodene Hirsch. 21pp.
153 A Provisional Classification of Minnesota Rivers with Associated Fish Communities. Sept. 1999. By William. C. Thorn and Charles S. Anderson. 22pp.
154 Electrofishing Guidelines. June 1999. 22pp.
155 Fall Stocking of Rainbow Trout in Bad Medicine Lake: a Bioenergetics Assessment of Impacts on the Daphnia Pulex Population. By Jodene Hirsch and Mary Negus. July 2000. 28pp.
156 Fish Community Surveys of Twin Cities Metropolitan Area Streams. By Konrad Schmidt and Philip Talmage. Oct. 2001.
157 Rainbow Trout Management plan for the Minnesota Waters of Lake Superior. By Division of Fisheries, in cooperation with the Rainbow Trout Advisory Group, Donald R. Schreiner, editor. March. 2003.
158 Modifications to the Clemon pond leveler to facilitate brook trout passage. By Tracy L. Close. April 2003.
159 Walleye stocking as a tool to suppress fathead minnows and improve habitat quality in semipermanent and permanent wetland in the prairie pothole region of Minnesota. By Brian R. Herwig, Mark A. Hanson, Jeffrey R. Reed, Bradford G. Parsons, Anthony J. Potthoff, Matthew C. Ward, Kyle D. Zimmer, Malcolm G. Butler, David W. Willis, and Vaughn A. Snook. August 2004. 41pp.
160 The role of submersed aquatic vegetation as habitat for fish in Minnesota lakes, including the implications of non-native plant invasions and their management. By Ray D. Valley, Timothy K. Cross, and Paul Radomski. November 2004. 41pp.
161 Comparison of day electrofishing, night electrofishing, and trap netting for sampling inshore fish in Minnesota Lakes. By Michael C. McInerny and Timothy K. Cross. January 2005. 48pp.
162 Habitat Suitability Criteria for Stream Fishes and Mussels of Minnesota. By Luther P. Aadland and Ann Kuitunen. 167pp.
163 Fisheries Management Plan for the Minnesota Waters of Lake Superior. Prepared by Donald R. Schreiner, Joseph J. Ostazeski, Theodore N. Halpern, and Steven A. Geving; in cooperation with the MN DNR North Shore Management Group and the Lake Superior Advisory Group. September 2006. 100pp.
Fish Culture in Wetlands: A Review of the Science and Recommendations for Licensing Criteria. Prepared by Doug Norris in cooperation with the Wetland Values Technical Committee Membership. June 2007. 33pp.

165 Fisheries Stream Survey Manual. Prepared by Mark Ebbers and the stream survey manual committee. March 2007. 267pp.
Fish Community Responses to the Introduction of Muskellunge in Minnesota Lakes. By Michael L. Knapp, Steven W. Mero, David J. Bohlander, and David F. Staples. March 2008. 22pp.
167 Salmonid Sperm Cryopreservation Techniques.  By Mary T. Negus.  March 2008.  20pp.
168 Mark-Recapture Study of the Spring 2009 Walleye Population in the Woman Chain of Lakes, Cass County, MN. By Steven M. Shroyer and Dale E. Logsdon. December 2012. 16pp.
169 Genetic Variability of Leech and Woman Lake Walleye Populations. By Loren M. Miller, Ph.D. AND Variation in Young Walleye Growth in Leech Lake. By Matt Ward, David Staples, Ph.D., and Doug Schultz. January 2013. 20pp.