Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area - Gilbert: Minnesota DNR

Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle State Recreation Area - Gilbert


St. Louis County
Gilbert slideshow East from the city of Gilbert on Highway 135; entrance is on Enterprise Trail

Iron Range OHVRA
7196 Pettit Road
Gilbert, MN 55741

Hours and parking

Gilbert: 1200 acres
Virginia Expansion: 2700 acres*
under development

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Come and experience Minnesota's premier off-highway vehicle recreation area, located in Gilbert.

With 36 miles of OHV trails, whether you ride an ATV, an OHM, or an ORV, there is something for you!

Trails range from easy Easy to more difficult More Difficult to most difficult Most Difficult.

Gas, restrooms, food, and lodging are all available in nearby Gilbert.

All OHVs allowed: Icon: ATV symbol Icon: ATV 2 symbol Icon: OHM Symbol Icon: ORV symbol

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Visitor Alert:

Starting September 12th, the entrance bridge into the site will be closed for repairs for approximately 2 weeks. We will be detouring users to our back gate on Pettit Road, but we would like everyone to stop by the front gate to register. We will have maps and any other information needed. If you are not street legal, you will have to trailer your OHV to the back gate and unload within the site. Space will be available to park within our back gate.

(Updated Sept. 7, 2016)

 Safe riding requirements

ATV safety certificate (Required if born after July 1, 1987)

OHM safety certificate (Required if under the age of 16)

ORV safety certificate (Recommended for persons 16 or older)

Registration and fees

Non-resident OHV State Trail Pass

Youth riding

OHV regulations