Deer management

Three deer standing alert in the woods

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Popular, common and challenging

One of Minnesota's most recognizable and popular mammals, the white-tailed deer is found in every Minnesota county. It is one of Minnesota's most ecologically, socially and economically important animals.

A doe and buck in the field.

Citizens named to deer committee

A diverse group of citizens will provide strategic guidance as DNR begins developing Minnesota's first-ever deer management plan.
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Map of deer permit areas in southeastern Minnesota with CWD testing

CWD control in southeastern Minnesota

Learn about DNR plans to establish a cooperative foundation and control strategy for CWD discovered in two deer near Lanesboro.
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A mounted deer

Make a memory: Cape your deer

Watch this video to learn why and how to properly cape a deer harvested outside of Minnesota.
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Harvested deer tied on a sled for transport

New rule: No whole carcasses

Whole carcasses of deer, elk, moose and caribou from anywhere in North America no longer can be brought in to Minnesota.
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