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Possible Amendments to Rules Governing Use of State Parks, State Recreation Areas and Waysides, State Trails, and Forest Lands

The DNR is considering amendments to Minnesota Rules, parts 6100.0100 to 6100.4300. These rules govern the recreational use of state parks, recreation areas, waysides, corridor trails, and forest lands.

The purposes of the rulemaking are to:

In May, 2014, the DNR asked the public for comments and recommendations about possible changes to the existing rules and any issues that the rules should address. The DNR considered all the comments received and is continuing to prepare a draft of the revised rules.

The DNR does not have a draft rule available for review at this time. The DNR plans to propose a draft rule sometime during 2016. At that time, the DNR will publish a notice of the proposed rule in the State Register, and will make the proposed rule available for public review and comment. For a list of key areas that may be revised, please see the link below.


Rulemaking documents

All formal rulemaking documents, including the proposed rules and Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR), will be posted here.

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