Division of Lands & Minerals

Land donation

Program purpose: To conserve and enhance Minnesota resources by encouraging landowners to donate full or partial (easement) interest in property to the Department of Natural Resources or other tax-exempt organizations.

Eligible projects: Fee simple, conservation easement donations, and land exchanges.

Who may apply: Private landowners, nonprofit organizations, clubs and other groups.

Priorities: The acquisition of land that adjoins existing designated management units, such as a wildlife management area or a state forest, and becomes a critical resource for the State.

Level of assistance: Not applicable.

General information: This program is a broad-based effort by the department to acquire land for conservation purposes. Donors may identify specific programs as the beneficiary of their donation if it is appropriate for resource management purposes (i.e., forestry, wildlife, fisheries, water access, parks, trails, wild and scenic rivers, or scientific and natural areas).

How to apply: Contact your Division of Lands & Minerals Regional Operations office or call:

Patricia Kandakai, Realty Supervisor
Division of Lands and Minerals
500 Lafayette Road, Box 45
St. Paul, MN 55155-4045
Phone: 651-259-5398
Fax: 651-296-5939

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