Sustainable Forest Incentive Act

Land-Eligibility in SFIA

view of forest with hazelnuts in foreground

A minimum of 20 contiguous acres of eligible lands are required to enroll in SFIA. The land has to be at least 50 percent forested and covered under a current forest management plan that is registered with the DNR.

For land to be eligible for SFIA, it must:

Non-forested land

Some types of non-forested land are eligible for SFIA enrollment, such as:

No more than 50 percent of each piece of enrolled land can be non-forested

Structures and Houses

Land with a structure on it is not eligible for SFIA, but the remaining acres in the parcel may qualify for SFIA. A minimum of three acres must be excluded for each improved structure that:

This only applies to structures that are within the boundaries of the land being enrolled in SFIA.

Structures that are used exclusively to house and store forest management equipment may be eligible for SFIA.

Ineligible Lands and Parcels

Several types of land are not eligible for enrollment in SFIA. The land, or individual acres, under the uses listed below is not eligible. However, other acres in the same parcel with permissible uses defined above may still be considered for SFIA. Land is not eligible for SFIA, if the land is:

Ineligible Parcels

An entire tax parcel is ineligible if any of the land within it is enrolled in or classified as: