Minnesota's Forest Treasures

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Minnesota's Forest Treasures

Learn how trees are different from other plants, the main parts of a tree, ways to measure a tree, or what the rings of a tree can tell us about its past growth, and much more.

Learn about Minnesota's native trees by selecting a tree below.

poster Black Ash Eastern White Pine Shagbark Hickory Red Maple Black Cherry White Spruce Jack Pine Eastern Cottonwood Balsam Poplar American Elm Tamarack Silver Maple Black Willow Bur Oak Red Pine American Basswood Butternut Sugar Maple Big Aspen White Ash Black Walnut Quaking Aspen Eastern Red Cedar Balsam Fir White Oak Box Elder Paper Birch Bitternut Hickory Hackberry Yellow Birch Northern White Cedar Green Ash Black Spruce Honeylocust Northern Red Oak