Visit the DNR exhibit at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair
Aug. 22 — Sept. 2

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) theme for the 2013 Minnesota State Fair is Share the Passion–Fish Minnesota. The State Fair runs Aug. 22- Sept. 2.

A wide range of free educational exhibits, presentations and entertainment, including several new activities and displays, will be part of the DNR's popular exhibit.

There will also be several demonstrations on the DNR Volunteer Outdoor Stage and the Garden Stage (on the west side of the building) about a variety of topics including state parks, ATV's, birds, DNR K-9 unit, campfires, fishing, aquatic and terrestrial invasive species, laser fire extinguishing, prairies, biking and water trails.


New DNR fish aquariums

The DNR completely renovated its indoor fish exhibit, installing five large aquariums. Each tank shows fish in their native Minnesota habitat: trout of southeast Minnesota; fish of the St. Croix River; and species of central, southern and northern Minnesota lakes. The new tanks are built lower to the ground, making it easier for more guests to see the turtles, fish and other species.


DNR outdoor fish pond

The outdoor fish pond is stocked with approximately 45 different species of fish ranging from sunfish to paddlefish, walleye to bass.

Live Fish Cam


Historic DNR building

Opened in 1934, the historic DNR building is the centerpiece of the DNR State Fair exhibit. It serves as a landmark, a meeting place and a must-visit educational and entertainment destination, where generations of fairgoers have created life-long memories.

This year, the DNR celebrates the structure's 79th anniversary at the State Fair. Newly-designed displays inside the building cover a wide range of natural resource topics including fish, watersheds, aquatic invasive species, rocks and minerals, state lands, forests, trails and parks.
We look forward to seeing you at the fair!


Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

See schedules for the Volunteer Outdoor Stage and the Garden Stage.

Find the DNR Building

Find the DNR building

Look for the large historic wood building and fish pond on the corner of Nelson St. and Carnes Ave.

Explore from home - map of exhibit

Explore from home

Click on different areas to see photos of the DNR exhibit.

View photos of trash sculpture

Adopt-a-River Sculpture

View photos of the sculpture - made completely from trash found in Minnesota waterways.

watch fish cam

Live Fish Cam

Watch live video of the fish at the fair - the pond is stocked with about 45 different species of fish that call Minnesota home.


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