Weekly Conservation Officer's report

Water Resource Enforcement Officers

Last updated: 2017-10-16

WREO Joseph Stattelman (NW) spent the week focusing efforts on hunting and fishing activity. Time was spent monitoring the movement and transport of water related equipment and watercraft. Assistance was given on car kill deer permits. APM, WCA and PW cases were worked on.

WREO Mike Scott (NE) attended an Honor Guard meeting at Camp Ripley. Officer Scott finalized the background investigation for the new hires next spring. Small game hunters were checked in the Duluth and Isabella area. Hunters were out enjoying the nice weather, but not many birds were taken.

WREO Robert Haberman (North Central) worked on wetland and PW cases. WREO Haberman also assisted a hunter who was unable to get out of his stand because four wolves were hanging around the deer stand. WREO Haberman and CO Best went out to the hunter?s stand to get him down. The wolves left after hearing the CO?s approaching. WREO Haberman also checked small game hunters and waterfowl hunters.

WREO Keith Bertram (Central) spent the week conducting follow-up on wetland violations and checking LSPs. An investigation was completed with a citation being issued to a minnow dealer for trapping suckers in a WMA using untagged equipment. Duck and pheasant hunters were checked with most everyone having poor success.

WREO Larry Hanson (SW) assisted with WCA and PW cases and worked an AIS saturation in Laq Qui Parle County. Pheasant, duck, and bow hunters were checked in vacant stations. CO Hanson followed-up on a trespass complaint and enforcement action was taken for fishing license violation.

WREO Julie Siems (SE) addressed trespass complaints and ATV violations. K9 Brady was also utilized in a search for a goose that was shot out of season. He successfully found the injured goose several hours after the hunter had left.