Water Resource Enforcement Officers

Last updated: 2016-04-26

WREO Joseph Stattelman (NW) spent the week checking fishermen and monitoring work on public waters. Site visits were conducted and follow up on complaints. Time was spent discussing AIS issues and public waters issues with LGUs and DNR staff. A law enforcement AIS Training was given in Grant County and a watercraft inspector training was attended and laws discussed. ATV activity was monitored in problem areas of Otter Tail and Becker counties.

WREO Mike Scott (NE) assisted with watercraft inspector training in the Lake Vermilion area with ecological training new inspectors for summer work on the Lake Vermilion and Burntside lake in Ely. Attended the Polymet Mine meeting in Aurora providing security for the meeting with other DNR enforcement officers and local police department personnel. Attended TEP meeting in Carlton County and also site visit for possible WCA violation in the city of Carlton. Officer Scott checked anglers on the north shore fishing Kamloops and Steelhead in lake superior and local tributaries. Fishing has slowed due to ENE Wind but folks were persisting and catching some fish. Smelt were in on Park Point and those that braved the cold wind and waves were successful in netting large amounts of smelt. Officer Scott followed up on trapping complaint and ATV complaint with local officer enforcement action was taken for operating ATV on roadways.

WREO Robert Haberman (North Central) assisted with watercraft inspector training in Grand Rapids. WREO Haberman spent time working AIS enforcement around the Brainerd area. A lake service provider was talked to about transporting lifts on roadways with AIS attached. WREO Haberman also checked shore fishermen trying their luck with pan fish.

WREO Larry Hanson (SW) attended training in Rogers. A special project was worked and WCA and PW cases are abundant in several counties around the area. AIS checks continue on boats and trailers and other equipment on area lakes and rivers.

WREO Julie Siems (SE) checked anglers and turkey hunters. Many anglers had not yet purchased their 2016 angling license yet.