Lake Superior Marine Unit

Last updated: 2015-02-24

Sgt. Keith Olson (Marine Unit) checked anglers on Lake Superior near 21st Ave East. Several lake trout have been seen in the 15- 20 pound class. The pack ice is between 4-9 inches. Anglers are venturing out on the pack ice from Brighton beach. Time was spent on the set up and working the ?Wall of Shame? at the Duluth boat and travel show hosted at the DECC. Many questions and comments received. Warnings issued for license violations. Road kill deer responded to. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday spent at the Sport and Travel show.

CO Matt Miller (Marine Unit) checked ice anglers on Superior. Many anglers were out trying their luck with the rare ice conditions. Several groups had multiple large trout to take home, some of these may be good candidates for ?catch and release? to help sustain the population and provide future opportunity. The TIP booth was worked at the Northland Deer Classic. Several anglers were found to be without a trout stamp, enforcement action taken for angling and snowmobile violations.

CO Troy Ter Meer (Marine Unit) checked anglers on Lake Superior throughout the week and also checked snowmobile trails. Lots of use on both. Seeing some anglers catching lake trout, salmon, and herring. Also helped out at a snowmobile safety class in Carlton County and setting up and taking down the TIP display at a sports show in Duluth. Worked on reports and other evidence work. Enforcement action was taken for angling violations.