District 8 - Duluth area

Last updated: 2014-10-14

CO Randy Hanzal (Duluth) spent time checking waterfowl, grouse and archery deer hunters. A complaint of a person dumping a deer carcass was investigated. Complaints of shooting from the roadway were also worked. While doing some ATV enforcement a total of seven violations were discovered after stopping two ATV riders.

CO Jeff Humphrey (Cromwell) focused on waterfowl, big and small game and AIS enforcement. Waterfowl hunters enjoyed a second opener of sorts with the central zone reopening on Saturday. A good number of divers, mallards, and geese were observed in hunter?s bags. Hunters with watercraft were advised and educated on AIS requirements. Overall good compliance was observed. Small game hunters also reported seeing good numbers of grouse throughout the week. Patrols were made into county and state lands including the Fond Du Lac State Forest and local Wildlife Mgt. Areas. Calls and questions continued to be received about upcoming firearms deer season. CO Humphrey participated in a deer shining work detail with other district officers. Violations for no license in possession, unsigned and no waterfowl stamps, no HIP certification and hunting in a closed waterfowl zone were encountered

CO Scott Staples (Carlton) assisted with firearms training north of Duluth and attended a meeting with the MN Trapper?s Association. Small game, waterfowl and archery deer hunting activity was worked in the area. Enforcement action was taken for hunting waterfowl out of season after a complaint was received about hunters taking geese in a closed area. Staples worked on older cases and K9 training continues with Schody

WREO Mike Scott continued work on a background investigation for CO Prep program. Anglers were checked on area lakes and fall walleyes and crappies were seen in the live wells. Grouse hunters were checked and success is getting better with the leaves off the trees. More grouse taken as a result. Waterfowl hunters were checked talking about AIS issues and concerns. Enforcement action was taken for no federal waterfowl stamp. A wetland issue dating back to 2007 was worked on with more progress noted with the EPA and local government units.

CO Andy Schmidt (Brookston) spent much of the week working waterfowl hunters. Most hunters are having some luck with numerous species observed. ATV complaints continue and complaint areas were worked. Public accesses were worked for AIS violations. Officer Schmidt assisted Duluth Fire with an injured hiker.

CO Kipp Duncan (Duluth) started final training phase with Conservation Officer Candidate (COC). Officers Handled numerous complaints phoned in during the week. Officers investigated a wolf depredation call, where a family dog was taken from a yard by wolves and killed. Another complaint was taken from another landowner who had to chase a wolf that was on its back. Officers investigated a bear cub that had been shot, investigation is ongoing. Officers dealt with a number of wildlife complaints, including injured eagle, trapped skunk, and two injured deer. Officers investigated a dead moose found by a hunter. The moose died from natural causes (wolf kill). The moose was submitted to biologists for analysis. Enforcement action was taken on ATV violations, narcotics, illegally shot grebe, and PFDs. Officers want to remind waterfowl hunters to be sure of what they are shooting while duck hunting.