District 8 - Duluth area

Last updated: 2014-09-16

CO Andy Schmidt (Brookston) worked with a COC the past week on Lake Superior and reports angling has slowed down. Officers were involved with a deer baiting case in Duluth. Time was spent answering calls about the youth waterfowl day and handling a call about an injured turkey vulture. Assistance was also given to CO Hanzal after receiving a report of a moose being hit by a train.

CO Randy Hanzal (Duluth) reported activity in the station with the start of the small game and archery bow hunt. A few grouse hunters checked are reporting good bird numbers however the abundant vegetation is making a good almost impossible. A large bull moose that was killed by a passing train was collected and brought to a biologist so a necropsy could be done. Hunting over bait, angling without a license, litter and small game hunting were a few of the violations encountered during the week.

CO Kipp Duncan (Duluth) was busy working the opening of archery deer. Many areas were checked during the weekend and a couple resulted in violations of hunting over bait. Other enforcement work consisted of fishing and ATV enforcement, returning several complaint calls involving archery deer hunting, and assisting area law enforcement with calls for service. Officer Duncan also attended a firearm qualification training day.

CO Scott Staples (Carlton) attended annual fall training that contained use of force and firearms training. A restoration order was issued on a wetland violation in the area and another suspected violation is under investigation. One wolf complaint where wolves were going after cattle was received and was referred to wildlife services. After receiving new information, an investigation was started on a case from last fall where a suspect trespassed, cut trees on private property, and hunted deer over bait. K9 training continues with Schody. A litter investigation is ongoing where a large amount of garbage from a family was dumped in a local wildlife management area. It was found that they recently moved out of state. They were contacted and paid to have the garbage cleaned up, but criminal charges are still pending on the suspects who dumped it.

WREO Mike Scott closed several WCA cases in St. Louis and Cook counties. Received report of new WCA violation in Moose Lake area which is being looked at by local officer. Yearly firearms qualification was attended in Hibbing. Boaters and anglers where checked on area lakes, AIS was discussed with all and enforcement action was taken for no angling licensee, no license in possession, fail to remove drain plug. ATV?s were checked in the Duluth area with enforcement action taken for operating on roadway. Youth Waterfowl hunters were checked and one group checked was found to have no plugs in the youth shotguns. The parents seemed to think the kids were responsible for the plugs. After a frank discussion with the parents away from the kids, the issue was resolved.