District 8 - Duluth area

Last updated: 2016-10-17

CO Andy Schmidt (Duluth West) worked small game hunters, waterfowl hunters, and ATV complaint areas. The officer followed up on a TIP complaint regarding trapping in the city of Duluth

CO Jeff Humphrey (Cromwell) observed a slow to average waterfowl week with mixed results from hunters. Grouse hunters were reporting much better success with birds being more visible. CO Humphrey took calls and questions on baiting, nuisance animals, trespass, early shooting, and firearms deer season. CO Humphrey spoke to a firearms safety class in west Duluth and also conducted site visits on reported wetland/water violations. A large volume of off highway vehicle traffic was observed over the weekend. Violations for ATV/OHM operation and registration, various small game/waterfowl equipment and licensing, and unlawful burning were encountered

CO Scott Staples (Carlton) reports lots of off-highway vehicle activity in the area this past week. Enforcement contacts were made for allowing unlawful juvenile operation, illegal operation on the roadways, equipment and registration violations. A shotgun was found on an ATV trail in the Nemadji State Forest by a recreational ATV operator. It is thought that the firearm fell off an ATV. So far we have been unable to locate the owner. It was turned over to the DNR and anyone with information who might have lost it is asked to call me at 218-879-9434 to claim it. A complaint from a local State Park was followed up on when a camper refused to pay for a camp site. A citation was mailed for the violation. A permit to possess a car killed bear was issued to a local resident. Waterfowl hunters were worked in the area after receiving complaints of late shooting. Enforcement action was taken for unplugged shotgun, taking a Grebe, and possessing toxic shot. A complaint of a nuisance bear was taken and addressed. An arrest was also made for hunting deer over a baited area.

Brookston vacant.