District 4 - Wadena area

Last updated: 2015-10-06

CO Paul Parthun (Lake George) completed some training, checked archery deer hunters and small game hunters. Active cases were discussed during a meeting with the county attorney. Parthun addressed trespassing complaints and waterfowl hunting complaints. Parthun assisted other DNR divisions with a DNR auction in Bemidji. Enforcement action was taken for littering, leaving a fire unattended and Aquatic Management Area violations.

CO Greg Oldakowski (Wadena) reports waterfowl hunters are still out with varied success. Waterfowl hunters did a good job of cleaning gear for AIS issues. Deer baits and illegal deer stands were investigated, and assistance was provided on a wetlands project. Assistance was provided to local law enforcement on stolen property that was found in a river and recovered.
CO Mark Mathy (Cass Lake) checked grouse hunters, waterfowl and archery hunters over the weekend. Found most hunters satisfied with the outcome. He came upon a group of ATV riders in the road ditch assisting a member who had a rollover. She refused medical but was understandably shaken by the incident. Watercraft registration issues were addressed as well as abandon property on public land.

CO Duke Broughten (Longville) spent the week focusing on angling, ATV, small game hunting, waterfowl hunting and boating activity. Angling success slowed. During one contact with an angler CO Broughten found the angler not to have a fishing license. The angler stated he traveled early in the morning and no place was open to purchase an angling license. After further interview of the angler he was found to be using minnows as bait. When the angler was asked where he purchased his bait, he stated the bait shop in town. The bait shop sells fishing licenses, enforcement action was taken. The second week of duck season left most hunters unsuccessful stating they saw a limited number of ducks. CO Broughten also investigated a trespassing complaint, minnow trapping complaint, destruction of aquatic plants, and gave a presentation to the University of MN Crookston. Enforcement action included no small game license in possession, unplugged gun, no angling license in possession, illegal length walleye, no navigation lights on watercraft after sunset, and trespass.

Remer - vacant.

Walker - vacant.