District 4 - Wadena area

Last updated: 2015-08-25

CO Paul Parthun (Lake George) attended three days of training, checked wild rice harvesters and answered questions related to big game hunting. Rice in the area is still a bit green. Parthun was a presenter at a Firearms Safety Class and took a complaint of possible wolf depredation. Enforcement action was taken for operating an unregistered ATV.

CO Greg Oldakowski (Wadena) attended in-service training at Camp Ripley. Range day was also attended at a local firearms safety class. A wolf depredation was investigated as well as a possible wetland violation. An ATV complaint was investigated near a Wildlife Management Area.

CO Duke Broughten (Longville) spent the week focusing on angling, ATV, ricing, and boating activity. Angling success remains poor and most wild rice is still green. CO Broughten spent time checking bear baiting activity. CO Broughten investigated public waters violations, aquatic plant violation, a possible stolen ATV, and nuisance beaver complaints. CO Broughten also attended training at Camp Ripley and assisted local law enforcement with a domestic.

CO Colleen Adam (Rec Specialist) attended ATV club meetings and gave youth Firearms Safety talks along with patrolling area forest and trails. An abundance of illegal cross country travel in the limited forests is occurring and violators are being contacted and educated to cease any future use of the illegal trails. Bear baits stations are popping up and again a reminder to baiters in limited forest classes no off trail travel is allowed until September, once a bear is harvested then the ATV may be utilized to drag the animal. She assisted with traffic of recreation vehicles related to Brainerd International Raceway.

Remer - vacant.

Walker - vacant.