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District 4 - Walker area

Last updated: 2017-03-20

CO Duke Broughten (Longville) spent the week monitoring angling activity. Anglers reported poor success. Ice is slowly deteriorating, anglers are advised to use caution and to continually check ice conditions. CO Broughten fielded calls regarding burning permits, trash left on ice, and angling questions.

Officer Halverson (Staples) worked fishermen and handled miscellaneous wildlife calls. A dogs chasing deer complaint was investigated.

CO Mark Mathy (Cass Lake) primarily checked perch and pan fish anglers. While the ice has held up relatively well in many spots, anglers who are unfamiliar with area lakes continue to drive over typically weak ice areas. As a result, two more vehicles went partially through the ice on Leech Lake with one occupant sustaining a head injury. CO Mathy, as well as officers from multiple agencies in the area, responded to a complaint from a homeowner that a deer was stuck in her basement. The homeowner was feeding deer near a basement window and the deer, for some reason, crashed through the window and ended up in the basement. The deer, as one can imagine, didn?t have much regard for the furniture, carpet, and personal effects of the homeowner. The officers eventually were able to gain control of the deer with a variety of containment devices, after an attempt to coax and herd the deer outside was unsuccessful, and it was released to the nearby woods. Enforcement action for the week included over limit of perch, angle with unattended lines, and use game fish as bait.

Officer Paul Parthun (Lake George) reports working angling activity on special regulation lakes throughout the week. The recent cold weather has added ice to area lakes and anglers were out in force in their pursuit of pan fish with mixed success. Rain and warm temperatures late in the week caused ice deterioration. Time was spent monitoring ice shelter removal and enforcement action was taken for operating an ATV in a prohibited area.

Walker vacant.