District 3 - Fergus Falls area

Last updated: 2014-10-21

CO Paul Nelson (Elbow Lake) checked waterfowl hunters and fishermen. Additional time was spent checking an aquaculture operation, working on a TIP call and checking some pheasant hunters. Time was spent working the vacant Wheaton station as well.

CO Shane Osborne (Evansville) checked waterfowl, bow and pheasant hunters. A littering case was solved and a citation issued. Several calls were handled throughout the week ranging from fishing, boating, waterfowl hunting, and wetland filling. Osborne completed mandatory online training.

CO Mitch Lawler (Alexandria) investigated complaints of people burning garbage and prohibited materials, with one suspect located and a citation issued. Assistance was given to CO Johanson with a possible deer baiting investigation. Fishing activity continues to be monitored with angler success with walleye and muskies. Lawler also testified in Douglas County Court on a fish overlimit case from 2012. Enforcement action was taken for fishing without a license.

CO Jeff Johanson (Osakis) continued to work waterfowl, pheasant, small game, and archery deer hunting enforcement. Shining activity was monitored and follow up completed on open hunting investigations. Fall fishing is going strong with Lake Osakis continuing to receive heavy fishing pressure. Several fishing related complaints were worked throughout the week. Additional time was spent on complaints involving possible wetland filling, aquatic vegetation violations, and nuisance beaver issues. Johanson presented the law portion and assisted volunteer instructors at a youth ATV safety class in Alexandria.

CO Tony Anderson (Morris) focused enforcement efforts on small game hunting activity surrounding MEA weekend along with pheasant hunting, waterfowl hunting and fishing enforcement. Anderson assisted CO Miska with a shining enforcement work crew in Stevens, Traverse and Big Stone counties. Anderson received a TIP call about fishing activity in the vacant Wheaton station. Minnow transportation permits were issued as well as calls from the public regarding waterfowl and deer hunting questions.

CO Daniel Baumbarger (Glenwood) reports checking waterfowl and pheasant hunters. Additional time was spent checking fishermen, bow hunters, and monitoring AIS compliance. Time was also spent working with CO Nelson in the Elbow Lake station, and investigating several wetland violation complaints near Lake Minnewaska. Complaints were received about late shooting and trespass.

Wheaton - vacant.