Weekly Conservation Officer's report

District 18 - Rochester area

Last updated: 2017-07-17

CO Mitch Boyum (Rushford) reports investigating a public waters violation. A Resource Protection Notice was issued. Time was also spent checking anglers and campers on state forest land. Violations encountered were litter, possession of drug paraphernalia, and illegal operation of ATV?s. A tuber on the Root River was reported missing that was later located on the Mississippi. A subject boating by gave them a lift to shore.

CO Joel Heyn (Plainview) worked mainly anglers and boaters during the week. Fishing success was mixed, but trout anglers did better than anglers on the Miss. CO Heyn also assisted other officers with follow up to deer cases.

CO Tom Hemker (Winona) reports a continued busy river of boating and fishing. While checking a boat, the boat operator advised the officers he was not drunk but he surely could not pass sobriety tests. CO Hemker followed up on a deer case and attended a firearms safety class. He received several animal calls including several rattlesnakes and a call of a sugar glider.

CO Trent Seamans (Rochester) spent the majority of the week patrolling for sport fishing and boat/water safety. Additional time was spent patrolling for ATV enforcement and performing a taxidermy inspection. Enforcement action was taken for possessing drug paraphernalia, fishing without a license, and failing to have a non-resident ATV trail pass. CO Seamans assisted Olmsted County Sherriff?s Office on a call involving an uncooperative subject carrying a firearm. The subject was on foot in a densely vegetated area and evaded law enforcement for over an hour. Eventually the subject was apprehended with the assistance of a helicopter and a drone.

CO Brittany Hauser (Red Wing) spent the week checking fishing activity along the Mississippi River. Assistance was given to multiple agencies throughout the week for various calls. A taxidermy inspection was also completed. Enforcement action for the week included no license in possession and fail to have legal life saving device on watercraft.

CO James Fogarty (La Crescent) spent time at Camp Ripley participating in background investigator training. Time was spent on the Mississippi River pools 7, 8 & 9. CO Fogarty fielded a bear complaint near Hokah. The complainant was advised to remove all food sources from their yard and wait a few days for the bear to move on.

CO Kylan Hill (Zumbrota) monitored fishing activity on Lake Zumbro and the Cannon River. Trolling has seen the most success for crappies, but shore anglers have found luck with the traditional hook and worm set up. A stop was made on a vehicle for transporting a boat with the drain plug in. Although the driver stated multiple times that they did not like the law, they did understand the benefits of having the law in place. A detail was worked on the St. Croix River to help keep boat wake at a minimum during the construction of the new bridge.

Rochester #1 vacant.