District 17 - Albert Lea area

Last updated: 2015-06-30

CO Chris Howe (St. Peter) checked angling and boating activity. A TV interview was done regarding Operation Dry Water. CO Howe also assisted with the ?Cops ?n Bobbers? youth fishing program.

CO Corey Wiebusch (Mankato) worked areas for AIS violations. Operation Dry Water was worked with neighboring officers. ATV activity was monitored. The officer also reports anglers are doing well on area waters.

CO Chad Davis (Owatonna) checked anglers on area lakes and rivers. AIS and boating activity were also monitored. Presentations were given to youths about boating and water safety in Owatonna and Medford. Wildlife management area activities were monitored along with ATV activity.

CO Luke Belgard (Faribault) worked angling, boating, and recreational vehicle enforcement . A number of complaints were dealt with. Time was spent working AIS enforcement at public access sites as well as working boat and water enforcement during the Operation Dry Water weekend.

CO Steve Chihak (Spring Valley) spent the week checking anglers, ATV operators, and working AIS enforcement. Time was also spent on boating and water safety for Operation Dry Water. Requests from the public seeking information were returned.

Albert Lea - vacant.

Mankato #1 - vacant.