District 15 - Marshall area

Last updated: 2016-12-05

CO Ed Picht (Montevideo) reports more goose hunters have taken to the field as a few geese moved into the area. The LQP Refuge pheasant opener drew in many hunters. Remember that when pheasant hunting during a muzzleloader season the visible portion above your waist and your hat must be blaze orange.

CO Arnaud Kpachavi (Benson) reports working a busy opening weekend for pheasant hunters on the LQP Refuge. Pheasant hunters were out in large numbers on the refuge and reported good success. The officer is investigating multiple shoot from road incidents and spoke at two snowmobile safety classes. Enforcement action included hunt without small game license, no small game license in possession, fail to display ATV registration, no blaze orange, and hunting pheasants during closed hours.

CO Luke Gutzwiller (Madison) concentrated enforcement efforts on pheasant and muzzleloader deer hunters. Multiple big game investigations were conducted involving trespass and shooting from the roadway at a big game animal. Enforcement action was taken for insufficient blaze orange during the muzzleloader deer season and stamp/license issues. Pheasant hunters continue to wait for cooler temps to freeze local cattail ponds. Water levels continue to rise making it difficult to hunt many public areas without waterproof boots.

CO Jim Robinson (Slayton) spent the week working pheasant and deer hunters with several investigations being conducted. Snowmobile safety was taught at Worthington. Numerous injured deer calls have been received. Pheasant and muzzleloader deer hunters are numerous. A few pockets of ducks were hunted on the last weekend of the season. Enforcement action was taken for no deer license, lend/borrow deer license, unlawful party hunt deer, transport illegal deer, and no sex ID on pheasants.

CO Matt Loftness (Marshall) reports most of the week was spent checking pheasant and muzzleloader deer hunters. Time was also spent checking shore fishermen. With the above normal temperatures, fishermen have taken advantage of some extra open water time but are ready to start ice fishing. The number of muzzleloader hunters was up from last week. Lack of blaze orange by pheasant hunters continues to be the biggest violation dealt with. The waterfowl season ended quietly with only a few flocks of migrating ducks and geese hanging around. Investigations continue to be worked dealing with illegal big game taking violations. The law and ethics portion of a snowmobile safety class was also taught in Ghent.

CO Andrew Dirks (Redwood Falls) checked pheasant and deer hunters throughout the week. Complaints of road hunting and blaze orange violations were handled, with enforcement action being taken. Officer Dirks also assisted a neighboring officer with a vehicle stop for shining after hours. Several investigations are ongoing.

CO Craig Miska (Ortonville) monitored archery deer hunting, muzzleloader deer hunting, and pheasant hunting during the week. Shore anglers were also checked and were happy to still have open water this late in the season. Hunting license violations were encountered.
Lake Benton vacant.

Worthington - vacant.