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District 14 - East Metro area

Last updated: 2017-02-22

CO Jake Willis (Maplewood) had the opportunity to work open water this week with the unseasonably warm temperatures. People are reminded to fully prep their boats before heading out for the season; make sure you are checking that registration is current and you have all of the required equipment. Enforcement action was taken for no license in possession, no insufficient PFD?s, no Type IV throwable, and expired registration.

CO Joe Kulhanek (Hastings) spent a busy week monitoring anglers in the area. With the above average temperatures, people flocked to the Mississippi River to fish with varying degrees of success. Enforcement action included many angling and boating violations.

CO Vuthy Pril (ELCOP) worked boating enforcement on the Mississippi River over the weekend and checked several anglers. Ice fishermen were also checked and fish houses were monitored on area lakes. CO Pril also investigated a trespass complaint and a litter complaint in Lakeville.

CO Scott Arntzen (Forest Lake) checked ice anglers and monitored ice shelter removal due to poor ice conditions. He also responded to TIP calls and handled nuisance animal complaints.

CO Tony Salzer (Ham Lake) patrolled Anoka County for angling activity. CO Salzer would like to remind anglers with ice shelters still on the lake that they should be removed before they freeze in and are difficult to remove at the deadline. CO Salzer also dealt with a nuisance animal complaint.

White Bear Lake vacant.

Metro Officer vacant.

Eagan vacant.