District 13 - West Metro area

Last updated: 2016-04-26

CO Brent Grewe (Minnetonka) spent the majority at training with his K9 partner Rocky. CO Grewe also checked fishermen, conducted AIS enforcement and followed up with TIP complaints.

CO Thephong Le (ELCOP) patrolled for angling and boating activities in the Waconia station. He followed up with a zebra mussel transport violation on Lake Waconia. He took enforcement action for no fishing license and fishing for species in closed season.

CO Leah Weyandt (Mound) dealt with a beaver issue on Christmas Lake and an osprey concern from a Sprint tower maintenance worker. Anglers were checked in the Anoka County area, enforcement action was taken for angling without a license. A wetland violation was dealt with in Andover and a wetland investigation continues in Greenfield. Firearms Safety Classes continue to fill the calendar. Dog off the leash complaints are pouring in occurring on state trails and Scientific and Natural Areas. CO Weyandt would like to remind everyone that when walking dogs on state trails or SNAs, their dog needs to be on a leash.

CO Vang Lee (ELCOP) checked shore fishermen in the west metro area lakes and attended the District 13 meeting in Shakopee. He took a tip complaint on people fishing with extra lines, and returned phone calls on animal complaints. He also answered questions from the Asian community on state park and fishing regulations.

CO Chelsie Leuthardt (Prior Lake) had a busy and productive week checking anglers, boaters and turkey hunters around Scotty County. Water temperatures have started to rise and with that the panfish bite has picked up on various lakes. Leuthardt checked several anglers and most were having success catching some sunfish and crappies. She investigated a TIP of individuals keeping and targeting bass as well as a possible water pollution issue on Prior Lake. Enforcement action was taken on angling without a license, angling without a license in possession, no state park parking pass, taking bass out of season and over limit of crappies.

Bloomington - vacant.

Ft. Snelling - vacant.

Osseo - vacant

Waconia - vacant.