Weekly Conservation Officer's report

District 13 - West Metro area

Last updated: 2017-10-16

CO Chelsie Leuthardt (Prior Lake) reports a busy week checking anglers and hunters. CO Leuthardt responded to a TIP call regarding a closed season goose hunter and a goose being shot. The suspect claimed to be crow hunting and claimed he never shot a goose. CO Siems was contacted to bring her dog to the area to search for a downed goose. A wounded, but alive, goose was located. The suspect finally admitted to hunting in a closed season once he was presented with the goose. Enforcement action was taken on hunting in a closed season, hunting waterfowl with an unplugged gun, no HIP certification, hunting in closed hours, no small game license, and operating a motor vehicle in a prohibited area.

CO Vang Lee (ELCOP) worked small game and duck hunters in the metro area. He delivered an award to a firearm instructor in Brooklyn Park and responded to animal complaints in Minneapolis. Officer Lee also answered questions to the Asian community on big game and small game hunting regulations, and enforcement action was taken for hunting small game without blaze orange.

CO Thephong Le (ELCOP) patrolled Fort Snelling State Park for park use and district areas for angling and fishing activities. He responded to numerous calls, (including TIP calls) for hunting regulation questions, dead trumpeter swan, and the deer/venison donation program. He took enforcement action for angling with extra lines, hunting small game after hours, firearm hunting for small game in restricted areas, and no vehicle permit while in the State Park. He worked with Acting RTO Phil George and a Karen Firearm instructor to complete/certify the First All-Karen Students Firearm Safety Class in Minnesota, all ten (10) students passed the course after 18 hours of classroom and Field Day/Range Day and Final Exam.

CO Alexander Birdsall (Waconia) continues to focus on waterfowl hunting. Cooler weather appears to have pushed the diving ducks into central Minnesota and hunters are harvesting a very wide variety of ducks. A complaint of off highway motorcycles on the Luce Line Trail was investigated; the riders left blatantly obvious tracks all the way back to their residence. Rainy weather kept most pheasant hunters out of the fields for the opener. Enforcement action was taken for no small game license, no stamps, and motorized vehicles on a state trail.

CO Leah Weyandt (Mound) is investigating a public waters violation. Enforcement action was taken for zebra mussel violations on Lake Minnetonka. The Luce Line State Trail was patrolled by ATV, no violations were found.
CO Tim Maass (Osseo) spent the week working waterfowl hunters and small game hunters. CO Maass also investigated a TIP call where two Trumpeter Swans were shot. Enforcement action was taken for illegal take of non-game birds, possession of toxic shot, and unplugged shotgun.

CO Brent Grewe (Minnetonka) spent the week patrolling waterfowl hunters, archery hunters, and training with K9 Shelby. CO Grewe also did a K9 demonstration at a local middle school and assisted Hennepin County water patrol with recovery efforts involving a plane crash in the Mississippi river.

Bloomington vacant.

Ft. Snelling vacant.