District 12 - Princeton area

Last updated: 2014-10-29

CO Rick Reller (Buffalo) continued field training of a COC. Areas worked included AIS, ATV, angling, waterfowl, small game and archery deer. CO Reller and his COC responded to a TIP call concerning waterfowl hunters shooting late. Four juveniles were found to be in violation. They were under the impression that they could shoot up to a half hour after sunset; enforcement action was taken and parents of all juveniles were contacted. Calls for service included a fire at Lake Maria State Park where a campfire got out of control and caught an area of grass, brush and leaves on fire, prompting a response from multiple agencies to get the fire extinguished. A reminder that this is a time of year to be extra cautious when having recreational fires, due to winds, dry conditions and accumulated fallen leaves. Enforcement action was taken for taking wild animals without a license in possession, insufficient PFDs on board a boat, failure to sign federal duck stamp, hunt deer over a baited area, take migratory waterfowl in closed hours, take small mouth bass in closed season, take small game after closed hours and operate a Class 1 ATV on a public highway.

CO Angela Londgren (Cambridge) investigated a wetland/drain tile and trapping complaints, spoke at firearms safety classes, and checked waterfowl/archery/and small game hunters. Officer Londgren also attended a district meeting, took nuisance and injured animal calls, and checked state and federal lands.

CO Tony Musatov (Sauk Rapids) worked a complaint of illegal ATV operation on a WMA. Hunters and anglers were checked. A trapping violation was investigated for placing illegal traps within 500 feet of a residence in the road ditch.

CO Brandon McGaw (Mora) checked hunters and anglers during the week. Anglers have seen some good fishing weather along with some success. A firearms safety field day was held and nine Amish students were certified.

CO Mitch Sladek (Big Lake) followed up on a deer hunting TIP. He issued summons and written warning for lending and borrowing of a deer license. He caught a great horned owl and had it delivered to the Raptor Center. He assisted with another injured trumpeter swan which his rehabilitation team caught and took in for rehabilitation. He checked waterfowl hunters and took enforcement action on a number of violations. He worked invasive species inspection at a number of accesses. He answered waterfowl hunting questions regarding the Mississippi River.

CO Todd Langevin (Center City) reports a slow week of activity in the area but the cooler temps over weekend brought out the hunters. A good number of pheasant hunters were out over the weekend but birds were hard to find. A few trappers were checked in the area as well. The bow hunting has also picked up in the area. CO Langevin also spoke to a Firearms Safety Class during the week.