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District 12 - Princeton area

Last updated: 2017-02-13

CO Brandon McGaw (Mora) checked anglers during the week. Anglers enjoyed warmer weather and more anglers were on the ice. Investigations were conducted into theft of fur/trap along with trespass. Enforcement action was taken on trapping without a license and no trap tags.

CO Phil Mohs (Center City) worked ice fishing activity. Anglers are reminded of the fast approaching fish house/shelter removal date on March 6th. With the upcoming warm weather anglers are encouraged not to wait until the removal date deadline to get their fish houses off the lakes. Area lake accesses have already began to deteriorate and will make for difficult times getting on and off the lake. Enforcement action was taken on possession of illegal length northern, fishing without a license, unattended and extra lines.

CO Mitch Sladek (Big Lake) worked fishermen on area lakes. He followed up on two separate dogs chasing deer complaints. He investigated a number of dumping?s in the Sand Dunes State Forest and on private land, with the assistance of the Sherburne County Sheriff?s Office. He interviewed suspects and located the violator, summons will be issued. He attended an end of the season Elk River Park Archery deer hunting meeting. He wants to thank the Elk River Police Department, volunteers, city staff, and hunters for a successful hunt. The harvest percentage was over 90%.

CO Mike Krauel (Milaca) spent the week checking anglers and followed up on trapping and hunting cases. CO Krauel also had the opportunity to talk to a local high school class about careers in the field of natural resources. Enforcement action was taken for burning prohibited materials, illegal ATV operation by a juvenile, and no angling license.