District 12 - Princeton area

Last updated: 2014-11-18

CO Tony Musatov (Sauk Rapids) checked deer hunters and snowmobilers. A complaint of dogs chasing deer was handled. A TIP call was investigated of hunters in a closed refuge.

CO Mitch Sladek (Big Lake) worked waterfowl and deer hunters. He took enforcement action on a number of violations. He assisted with an injured sand hill crane. He answered a number of waterfowl hunting questions on the Mississippi and Crow River. He continues investigating a number of lend and borrow violations charges pending. He checked a number of snowmobilers.

CO Rick Reller (Buffalo) spent most of the week working deer hunters, but did check a few snowmobilers that were out with the first snow. Waterfowl hunting has been limited now to the rivers in the area. Enforcement action was taken for failure to validate and register deer, leave decoys out on public waters overnight, unplugged shotgun for waterfowl, hunt deer over baited area and expired snowmobile registration.

CO Todd Langevin (Center City) reports a cold close to the area deer season. Many hunters spent time during the week hunting but only some found deer. Numerous trespassing complaints were handled. The large amount of snow in the area also brought out many snowmobilers. Riders are reminded that the grant and aid trails do not open until December 1st. Violations included trespass, no license in possession and snowmobiles on closed trail.

CO Brandon McGaw (Mora) checked deer hunters during the week. Hunter numbers and deer taken remain low. Cold temperatures seem to be keeping hunters out of the woods. Violations of shooting from a roadway were investigated. Snowmobiles have shown up in the road ditches and an ice fisherman was observed on a bay of an area lake. Enforcement action was taken on trespass, shoot from a roadway, no snowmobile registration and allowing illegal operation of a snowmobile.

CO Angela Londgren (Cambridge) checked deer hunters, snowmobiles, and small game hunters. Officer Londgren responded to calls of injured animals, trespassing, hunting from a motor vehicle, rifle in shotgun zone, transporting loaded firearms, and illegal party hunting. Enforcement action was taken on: untagged deer, hunting with invalid license, possession of illegal drugs, trespassing, and no license in possession.