District 11 - St. Cloud area

Last updated: 2015-07-14

WREO Keith Bertram spent the week working AIS in Todd and Isanti counties. Follow-up was conducted on wetland violations. Time was also spent on a commercial investigation.

CO Chad Thesing (Albany) worked anglers, boaters and AIS. Assistance was given to a loon with fishing line on its foot. A call was taken of a person that shot a sandhill crane with a vehicle description given. The vehicle was found with a rifle in the front seat and a dead sandhill crane in the bed of the truck. The owner was located and interviewed. Three individuals were found to be involved. It was explained that they were driving around shooting birds out of the window and they happened to see the crane. Four doves were also found dead. Two guns were seized and enforcement action was taken.

CO Paul Kuske (Pierz) assisted a CO from District 3 obtain records and receipts for an ongoing minnow dealer license investigation. Once again this past week CO Kuske dealt with class two ATVs being driven on public highways as if it were a car, instead of operating on the shoulder which the law requires. One operator was impeding traffic, making it difficult for vehicles to pass and another was found with juvenile passengers not wearing helmets. Several nuisance wildlife calls were handled including a special beaver trapping permit and a person drowning skunks in a live trap at a public access, then dumping the dead critters at the site.

CO Joyce Kuske (Little Falls) received a TIP call at the Mississippi River but was not close to the area. Fortunately the tipster delayed the suspect from leaving with the offer of a cigarette and taking pictures of the man holding the over limit of catfish. A State Trooper then stopped the vehicle only to find the man had no valid driver?s license. CO Kuske arrived and handled the fish over limit and discovered that she had ticketed the same guy 14 years ago for a fishing violation.

CO Rhonda Friese (Long Prairie) checked sites for possible APM, WCA and solid waste violations. Anglers and watercraft were checked. OHV activity was checked. Activity was moderate overall last week.

CO Caleb Silgjord (Sauk Centre) checked anglers and boaters throughout the week. AIS enforcement was conducted at area accesses, with good compliance being found. A dumping complaint was fielded and is currently under investigation.

CO Todd VanderWeyst (Paynesville) worked with an intern. The officer took complaints of someone dumping a large amount of their trash on the public access. Boating and AIS work continues in the area with violations for having children under age 10 not wearing the required PFD while vessel is underway found.

St. Cloud - vacant.