Weekly Conservation Officer's report

District 11 - St. Cloud area

Last updated: 2017-06-26

CO Caleb Silgjord (Sauk Centre) spent time during the week checking anglers and monitoring boating activity in the area. A stranded boater was provided a tow back to the access after having engine troubles. A couple anglers were checked and found to have a limit of pike in possession. Unfortunately, neither angler had a license and enforcement action was taken. CO Silgjord also patrolled for AIS violations and spoke with one angler who had failed to remove his drain plug prior to arriving at the access.

CO Rhonda Friese (Long Prairie) reports low to moderate weekend activity, probably due to rain showers and wind. Miscellaneous wildlife calls were handled.

CO Joyce Kuske (Little Falls) took a complaint of a homeowner taking squirrels out of season; with it found that the squirrels were doing damage and woodchucks were legally shot. A roadkill bobcat was picked up and a homeowner had a bear break through a house window when the sow with three cubs were trying to take down the hummingbird feeder to eat for a treat. CO Kuske watched a female angler fishing from a resort dock for a while and then approached the angler to check her fishing license. The angler said she was not fishing but was just helping fix the line on a pole. It was explained to the female that casting a spinnerbait for bass multiple times was considered fishing in Minnesota and there didn?t seem to be any problems with the line.

St. Cloud vacant.

Pierz vacant.

Paynesville vacant.

Annandale vacant.