District 11 - St. Cloud area

Last updated: 2016-06-28

CO Caleb Silgjord (Sauk Centre) spent time during the week assisting with CO Academy firearms and defensive tactics training. CO Silgjord also conducted water patrol for Operation Dry Water. Violations found were no PFDs, no required observer, and no angling license in possession.

CO Mike Krauel (St. Cloud) spent the week focusing on fishing and boat safety enforcement. CO Krauel also attended a local kids fishing event at Lake George. The event was held to encourage kids to go out fishing. CO Krauel saw many kids having a great time fishing and even got to see a few kids catch their first fish. A big thank you to all of the supporters of the event who donated their time and the prizes for the event. CO Krauel also handled a complaint of dogs chasing deer. Enforcement action was taken for insufficient life preservers, no angling license, failure to display registration, and angling with extra lines.

CO Rhonda Friese (Long Prairie) participated in an open mic segment with local radio station, KEYL. CO Friese taught the law portion for a Morrison County FAS class. A bear complaint was investigated. Watercraft safety was emphasized as well as checking anglers and recreational vehicle activities.

CO Joyce Kuske (Little Falls) handled calls of an escaped game farm elk, a nuisance turkey that took up residence on a woman?s deck and garbage dumping that occurred right next to a ?No Dumping? sign on state land. Kuske investigated calls of a young hungry bear that broke into a house and pulled out the oatmeal and hot cocoa in the kitchen, pulled down the clothes in the bedroom closet and visited the bathroom, leaving nose prints all over the mirror. The same week the bear attempted to break into another house presumably looking for more porridge.

CO Paul Kuske (Pierz) received a nuisance wildlife complaint from a person that is experiencing six bears routinely visiting her residence. The bears have done damage and are not scared of warnings from the person. A nuisance bear hunter will be utilized to reduce the threat. A group of three landowners caught up in a property line dispute had some corn stalks placed in a ditch mysteriously set on fire which has now resulted in a criminal investigation. Conducted AIS inspections at a number of public access sites and found very good compliance and understanding of the AIS rules.

CO Chad Thesing (Albany) worked boaters, anglers and ATVs. Thesing assisted at the Albany ATV safety class talking to the kids about safe use of ATVs. Enforcement action for the week included youth on ATV with no helmet, no angling license in possession, and various boating equipment/registration violations.

CO Todd VanderWeyst (Paynesville) enforced boating, ATV and AIS laws. He also responded to injured wildlife calls and handled administrative tasks.