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Last updated: 2017-02-22

NR Pilot John Heineman (Bemidji) flew a wolf pack count and an instrument training flight. Pilot Heineman also attended to maintenance on 605NR, ferried 905NR to Bemidji, and was a safety pilot for CO Pilot Lofstuen for instrument training.

CO Pilot Bob Geving (New Ulm) flew CWD deer reconnaissance in the southeast positive zones. Pilot Geving also worked on updating the unit?s training manual.

NR Pilot Brad Maas (Brainerd) worked on maintenance tasks and flight training duties. He also worked on preparations for pesticide applicator testing.

CO Pilot Jason Jensen (Brainerd) reports a week of wolf pack and bear den flights. He also assisted a work crew by locating angler activity areas. Pilot Jensen positioned helicopters for maintenance and gave some refresher training to another DNR pilot. He also landed on various lakes throughout the week to check angler success rates.

CO Pilot Christopher Lofstuen (Grand Rapids) reports flying a return to service test flight after a major inspection that required some component repairs. Several training flights were conducted and a combined district meeting was attended in Duluth.