Aviation Section

Last updated: 2014-10-21

CO Pilot Jason Jensen (Brainerd) reports finishing fish stocking operations in NE Minnesota. While flying to a lake near the BWCA Jensen noticed what looked like some hunters paddling away from a grass fire on a peninsula. Jensen circled the canoeists until it was verified that it was USFS personnel setting a prescribed burn. Jensen then prepped the aircraft for an annual maintenance inspection so it will be ready for fall big game enforcement operations.

CO Pilot Chris Lofstuen (Bemidji) flew multiple missions including training missions. A shining flight was cancelled due to weather so a truck was manned with CO/Pilot Geving and proactive patrol was conducted.

NR Pilot John Heineman (Bemidji) flew a duck survey and two Forest Assessment photo flights.

NR Pilot Brad Maas (Brainerd) attended the District 12 meeting, completed his annual flight review with another flight instructor, and did a student pilot training flight in preparation for instructing other division pilots.

CO Pilot Robert Geving (Mankato) flew waterfowl surveys and assisted district units with an OHM investigation, participated in training with CO Pilot Lofstuen, and also assisted district units with big game hunting activities.