Division of Ecological and Water Resources

(an integration of the former Divisions of Ecological Resources and Waters)

Landscape Resource Core Areas   • Conserving Minnesota's natural heritage: including natural areas, and native plants and animals
  • Protecting ecological health by restoring ecosystems and addressing threats such as invasive species
  • Supporting local stewardship by providing information for land use decisions
  • Promoting enjoyment and understanding of nature through wildlife viewing and nature tourism

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What's New?

- Legislative Report - Invasive Species of Aquatic Plants and Wild Animals in Minnesota
      2012 Annual Report Summary PDF document
      2012 Annual Report PDF document

- South-Central Minnesota Groundwater Monitoring of the Mt. Simon Aquifer - Phase 2 PDF icon.
- Guidance for Commercial Wind Energy Projects PDF document
- Minnesota Prairie Conservation Plan 2010 PDF document
- New Invasive Species Laws
- Restore Your Shore, a multimedia program for shoreland restoration, now available online.
- 2010 Minnesota Water Plan External site
- Legislative Report: Long-Term Protection of the State's Water Resources PDF icon.