Office of Management and Budget Services

500 Lafayette Road, Box 10, St. Paul, MN 55155-4010
651-259-5550; FAX: 651-296-6047

Chief Financial Officer
Barb Juelich

The Office of Management and Budget Services (OMBS) provides integrative fiscal and management leadership and assistance to enable the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to responsibly and efficiently achieve its mission.

Management Services

Assistant Administrator
Laura Preus

Policy, Research, and Planning Services improves natural resource management and leadership through the application of science, planning, and integrated decision-making. This section prepares the Strategic Conservation Agenda which measures progress toward the DNR’s mission. This document is available on the DNR Web site:

Local Grants and Pass Through Appropriations manages state financial assistance programs and appropriations that assist local governments and private organizations in conservation of natural areas. Information on grants is available on the DNR Internet:

Internal Audit functions as an independent appraiser by examining and evaluating all activities and programs within DNR.

Budget Services

Assistant Administrator
Jerry Hampel

Budget and Financial Analysis Unit provides professional budget preparation, financial analysis and reporting, and federal aid oversight and reporting to DNR management. For more information about the DNR budget, consult the DNR Web site:

Business Services provides direction, services and control over all accounting and contracting operations within the department. They develop, maintain and enforce financial/administrative policies and procedures to maximize the effective and efficient utilization of DNR financial resources.

Financial Operations and Management Reporting provides financial management systems and information to assist the department financial administration and budget management. They create and maintain financial and programmatic structures consistent with legislative intent.